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Thread: Squadron 42/Star Citizen (New Space Shooter from Chris "Wing Commander" Roberts)

  1. That seems like a strong possibility at this point, given how much these projects tend to spike at the end.

    I really hope this game isn't the beginning and end of this and that we see more open-world space games. Or even something like Starglider 2 or Damocles, if I can dream.

  2. Wing Commander-type gameplay? In there.

  3. #43
    You can be my wingman anytime.

  4. LOL, thanks man.

  5. $4.2M with a little over two days to go. If there's an ending push comparable to Project Eternity, this might break $5M.

    Tablet companion Application to check on your inventory, commision or find missions and get the galactic news feed

    Monthly Town Hall Meeting with Chris Roberts

    Squadron 42
    Celebrity voice-acting for Squadron 42; we will bring back at least one favorite from Wing Commander!
    50 Missions

    Star Citizen
    Star Citizen will match Privateer, with 70 star systems to explore on launch.
    Additional base type: can you discover the alien derelictů
    Mark Hamill cameo pls.

  6. By the time this thing is released my PC will be a dinosaur.

  7. Boy was I off when I said the "having your own kickstarter knockoff" thing wouldn't work. This is now has the crowdfunding record and still climbing.

    I like how after DFA, people were debating whether or not it could happen again or if it was the perfect storm, and by the end of the year it's been beaten twice, with a half dozen others that have all managed 7-figure budgets. I think it's safe to say this model is going to continue to be an influential force in the industry.

  8. Yeah, this is definitely going to finish over $5M and there's a remote chance of breaking the final $5.5M goal - Flyable capital ships like the one featured in most of the videos.

    In other news, Cloud Imperium Games Corporation might be the best name ever.

  9. New AI demo:


  10. Saw an available $30 Digital Scout on KS and jumped on it.


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