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Thread: Best Buy B2G1 Free

  1. Best Buy B2G1 Free

    Usually TRU does a B2G1 free sale at this time of year. Unfortunately, they are not. But Best Buy is. No PC games but everything else. I currently have Lollipop Chainsaw and DOA5 in my cart. Unfortunately they don't seem to have Code of Princess, so no perv 3 pack.

  2. I can't find three games

    Lollipop, Spec-ops...Dunno what else to get, what's a good 40 dollar game I don't have ;p

  3. #3
    Gravity Rush?

  4. Silent hill book of memories.

  5. I was thinking of Gravity Rush, but I lack Vita right now.

  6. I almost forgot I had a Vita and that games were 40 dollars. GR is a good idea. Everyone goes nuts about that game. Haven't heard anything about SH yet.

  7. I liked the demo, Mzo didn't.
    Lolli is definitely worth $40. Gravity Rush is definitely worth $40. SH is definitely worth free.
    I'm not trying to go all yoshi, but why didn't you jump on PC Spec Ops when it was ridiculously cheap a lil while back. If someone already hashed that out with you, don't feel you have to go through it all over again.

  8. Because I am a crazy person. I will regret these console ports eventually.

  9. Spec Ops on PC will probably be less than $10 during the Steam winter sale.

    Of course, free is less than $10, but if there's another game you discover, it might be wise to push Spec Ops out of the BB transaction. There's comparatively little chance of SH:BOM for example getting that cheap so quickly.

  10. Nah I just got those three games.


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