I'm going to be culling my DVD library as this stuff is basically just sitting in a rack at this point. Everything is in great shape, maybe a dent here and there on a case, but the discs are near mint. Watched a handful of times and then stored in a DVD rack. I'm looking to sell the following season DVD's

Chappelle Show Season 1
Family Guy Vol 1: Seasons 1 and 2
Futurama Season 1
Futurama Season 3

I'm looking for $8 each plus shipping, or $20 for all four plus shipping. I'd like to ship through USPS, I'll find out exactly how much it'll cost.

Tin Cup
Unleashed (Unrated)- Jet Li flick
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Dave Chappelle: Killin' Them Softly

$1 each plus the cost of shipping.