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Thread: Fry's has a nice lineup of used games, at pretty decent prices.

  1. Fry's has a nice lineup of used games, at pretty decent prices.

    I stumbled upon the used games section at Fry's today. They're selling used PS3/360 games at $12.99, Wii/DS games for $9.99, and PSP/PS2 games for $4.99. Every title is in like new condition. I was pretty impressed with the condition of these titles.
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  2. Man, I'd love to pick through that PSP section. Shame there's no Fry's out by me.

    Are their used games reputable? Fry's is similar to Micro Center in my mind and I've never bought a used game from Micro Center that actually worked. That is, except for those that were new games marked as used.

  3. This is a first for Fry's. I've never seen used games at the store.

    I plan on cleaning out the PSP section on Friday.

  4. Please let me know if you find a used Princes Peach for DS! I've been looking for a complete copy of that game for some time.

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    Melf: You can get SPP at and they are running a buy 1 get 1 50% sale with free shipping if the order is over $49.

  6. I'll see if they have it Melf. I'll probably just give it to you if they do.

  7. You didn't take a pic of the 360 section. What are the games?
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  8. What's a 360?

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    I see a few decent games in there, but most of it is the same drivel that has been appearing in Target.
    FYI, a lot of those games are cheaper at other places.

  10. Yeah, there isn't much there that's good and the decent ones are all $12.99. Shop around and you u can find a lot of it at least a little cheaper.

    This does remind me a lot of when Microcenter started selling used games several years back. They had a deal for the first few weeks that any game you traded in (from NES to present) was worth a minimum of $1. Thanks to me and 2 other people they were stocked forever with shit sports games and I walked away with close to a grand in store credit. The local Microcenter stopped selling used games now and they're game department has shrunk to 2 small isles.
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