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Thread: Dark Souls 2 - (PC, 360, PS3, XBO, PS4)

  1. It's extremely disappointing to see and read the info coming out about the drastic changes in the lighting in the last-gen console versions. I loved what I saw of the lighting - including the new implementation of the torch - as described and exhibited by From Software as part of the atmosphere and exploration of the game, especially after having the chance to experience it in one of the PS3 network tests. But what they've altered in the final PS3/360 versions looks terrible and the game suffers for it.

    A poster on gaf linked to an earlier gameplay demonstration in contrast to that same area in the final version.

    I hope this will be corrected in the PC version and eventual current-gen console versions, but that might be wishful thinking considering the parties involved. Can only wait and see.

  2. Yeah that's a real bummer.

  3. 360 servers still aren't up. lol.

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  5. I just got home from the store with a gallon of Sunny D, a bag of Sun Chips, and now I'm ready to sit down in my living room, in the glare of my sun roof, and start playing some Dark Souls II!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jyoung View Post
    I'm ready to sit down in my living room, in the glare of my sun roof
    Shouldn't you move out of your car before you spend money on games?

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    Holy shit this game!

    So far it's hitting all the right notes and feels like a logical progression of what made Dark Souls so good: atmosphere, solid mechanics, and trial and error. The hub world is gorgeous and has several NPCs with lots to say. Actually, in the 3 hours or so I played this morning, there was a surprising amount of dialogue, which was actually pretty nice. Definitely died a few times, achievement pops the first time it happens and it's called "This is Dark Souls". Awesome. So glad I took the day off, if they've fixed the online (which was down all this morning) then I'll give it a shot today.

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    So the servers have been up since this morning when I started again, been playing the last several hours online and it's been great. Seems there are now objectives to complete when playing co-op besides just killing the boss. If you're helping out someone who's just starting in an area, you'll complete your objective before you reach the boss, usually when you get through a nasty section or to the next "checkpoint" type of area, at which point you get a reward and sent back to your game in human form. Pretty cool, basically it allows people to co-op most of the game in sections. Took down two bosses several times with groups, having VOICE CHAT in this game is a great thing! Also, it seems you can summon just about anywhere. The online portions have worked nearly flawlessly, I only had one disconnect in the middle of a boss fight I was helping with, the guy had no idea what caused it.

    I like the limiting of the Estus Flasks. You start with one use and get one more use per Estus Flask Shard you find, making the first couple hours kind of harrowing while you have very few healing supplies (besides the lifegems which refill your health rather slowly). Also your health doesn't automatically go to full when you chug, it has to refill, which means you can start chugging and get hit out of it but still have some health refill. Interesting addition, saved me once already by a hair.

    The Snuggly/Sparkly guy and gal are back, but now they want Smooth stuff. Bonus: you don't have to exit the game to get your item! If they like what you drop, they change it for you on the spot, and apparently you can do multiple drops of things.

    The level design in this game is superb. Very vertical in design with layers and layers to the buildings and even internal caves and stuff, all intertwining in awesome and believable ways. Also there's a stone in the hub world that will enable Hard mode for you!

    And I haven't tried it yet, but I got an item that sounds a whole lot like it will let you re-spec at your whim, which is beautiful. I'm at 35ish now, it'll be nice to go back and fine tune my choices later (been doing an all over kinda guy, with Dex and Strength as my main). It says I have 1, but everything has a counter so I don't know if it's a limited use kinda thing or what, the item description doesn't say.

    Also there is a Soul Memory counter, which tracks all the souls you've collected the entire game regardless of if you die and lose them. Have wanted that since Demon's Souls. Nice.
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  9. Pineapple, have you tried to coop with anyone on your friends list? I was wondering if it was possible and how many levels you had to be within each other.
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