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Thread: Dark Souls 2 - (PC, 360, PS3, XBO, PS4)

  1. Holy shit this LE figure is huge
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    Quote Originally Posted by SamuraiMoogle View Post
    Pineapple, have you tried to coop with anyone on your friends list? I was wondering if it was possible and how many levels you had to be within each other.
    I haven't tried that yet, some guy sent me a friend request while we were playing together but we didn't play again after. If the rules are similar to Dark Souls then you'll have to be within about 10 levels of whoever you're trying to co-op with. Invasions were a different story if I recall. Probably the best bet would be to get into a party with whoever you want to play with, set up in a remote area and try to connect to each other, because the first person to see your sign and try to summon you will. You'll see the person's name who you're trying to summon, so just go somewhere familiar to each.

    Also I didn't realize there are 2 kinds of White Soap Stones, one that lets you do the smaller objectives that I mentioned before, and then the same full sized White Soap Stone as DS proper. Cracked Red Eye Orbs also return. Speaking of which I've played about 6 hours online today and haven't been invaded once. But when I was looking to summon, the signs were literally everywhere, I was running with 2 people within moments of trying each time.

    Framerate is kinda iffy at times, but it definitely hits it's stride in areas and looks amazing.

    There are so many little changes and tweaks they made to the formula that just WORK that I'm very impressed. The game is still flowing beautifully and moving at a quick pace, it's getting really tough and satisfying.

  3. Pineapple is going to finish this game before I even get mine from UPS.

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    I hope not! The levels seem more condensed than in the first game, with boss battles fairly close to each other on the map but lots of interesting architecture inbetween. Less enemies too, but the ones there do their job.

    Had a holy shit moment just now when goddamned Orenstien popped in for a boss fight!!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bbobb View Post
    Holy shit this LE figure is huge
    How's the artbook though?

    I've been playing today and started off conflicted. I know some of the changes were to make it more like Demon's Souls and others to make it 'easier' and the whole thing felt 'off' at first. Like...I really enjoyed the Symphony of the Night style 'one big connected, designed world' that Dark Souls had...

    Fast forward 6 hours (holy crap, didn't even feel like I played that long) and screw all my trepidation. This game is a really great sequel to Dark Souls and, if some of these changes are an indication, I'mma get Demon's Souls too since I'm digging the hub world and all that jazz.

    A lot of reviews cover the basics - going Hollow has cumulative penalties for instance. However in the help function, I looked up the 'curse' ailment and learned that your resistance to it affects how fast your total HP drops with each death in a Hollow state. So while you never go below half your normal health, a higher curse resistance increases the amount of deaths you can take before getting down there. It's the incredibly granular crap like that that has me really enjoying this game a lot more.

    Like Pineapple said, it's a much faster feeling game too - which is a blessing and a curse. It tempts you to play stupid, given that the framerate's better, there seems to be more open spaces early on, etc. But for every one thing Dark Souls 2 gives, it keenly takes away something else. So like, sure you can teleport immediately between bonfires, but enemies are organized to give you hell at every side of one. So the feeling of a safezone isn't as present as DS1 when it comes to bonfires. Dark Souls 2 fucks with your expectations, moreso if you've played a bunch of the last one.

    I really enjoy it now that I've gotten into the groove, and feel like this is an interesting way to do a sequel. Where other series would prefer to go safe, and lift the same concept while refining it, Dark Souls 2 feels like...a shift. It's definitely rooted in enough Dark Souls pinnings to feel like a sequel, it (apparently) calls back to a lot of core Demon's Souls mechanics, but does all this while pushing forward with a lot of ideas. And it's always screwing with you and your expectations every step of the way.
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    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  6. I haven't looked at the art book in fear of spoiling some cool boss.
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

  7. As great as Dark Souls is, I've always preferred Demon's. Dark Souls II is, so far, a brilliant marriage of both.
    I'm playing blind, as Deprived, and am enjoying this more the first time than I did my initial Dark Souls run. I can only imagine how much I'm missing, and I'm a very methodical slow player, but I won't stop experimenting with this anytime soon.
    The potential is here for this to be my all time favorite. The small nods to previous games are wonderful. The open design enhances the sense of the unexpected. I'm surprised how much I appreciate the tweaks, such as the life gems, warping, and enemy non-spawning.

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    Really digging into this now. Checked my day 1 stats and I had to laugh, a minute short of 13 hours and level 54 (when I finish the game I'll post all the stats, it'll be interesting to see what the first days spoils brought vs the end game). I think I'm obsessed. Then again, there is so much game here that it's hard not to be. Couple other noteworthy additions they made:

    You can equip 4 rings. This is a godsend, as there are even more rings in this game and their bonuses are AWESOME. There are even upgraded versions of rings!
    On that note, you can have 3 weapons equipped in each hand, for a total of 6 that you can switch through on the fly. Works fine, but I find the extra weapon throws me off when trying to get to the one I want.
    Weapon durability is much more at the forefront now. Hitting walls and objects puts significant hurt on your weapons, and they WILL break at inopportune times. If they break, you have to take them to the blacksmith to repair them before they're any kind of effective again. If the weapon does not break, however, simply resting at a bonfire will repair all durability loss.
    Most NPCs you come across will relocate to Majula after you exhaust their dialogues, but like in previous games some of them require you have certain stats before they'll speak to you. The nice thing is that they will stay where they are in the world until you speak to them with the correct stats, so in this way you don't have to lose the chance to get their items.
    Enemies respawn obviously, but they have a set number of spawns. After you've cleared an area of enemies a certain number of times, they will stay dead until you move on to NG+. The other way to reset the spawns is with a Bonfire Aesthetic. Using that on a bonfire will increase that certain area to NG+ mode, and can be done whenever you have the item. While it resets the enemy spawns, it also resets the items that can be aquired. Some enemies and items only show up in NG+, so you can use Bonfire Aesthetics in certain areas to avoid having to playthrough the game again.
    Covenants don't have penalties for joining and abandoning now, and there are some really nice items to get from leveling up in them.
    You can check the total world deaths and your own personal death counter at the monument in Majula where the Crestbro sits. If you're playing online, the little engraving next to him will show you the total deaths of everyone playing (it hit 1 million by about 10pm on day 1, currently at about 5.5 million), and if you're playing offline it will show YOUR current total deaths. I'm at 31 right now, I would be very stoked if I could beat it sub 50.

    Got invaded in Belfry Luna last night, a couple times actually. In that area (and Belfry Sol) you can be invaded even when in offline mode, which is slightly harrowing. Luckily I was invaded by a couple of noobs and dispatched them with quick justice, and since the Way of Blue covenant levels you up with red phantoms killed, I gained a level in that covenant and got a nice ring.
    I've downed 9 bosses and the game doesn't show any sign of slowing down. Several of the bosses have had a common theme: multiple bosses per fight. Think Orenstien and Smaugh or the Gargoyles, except sometimes there are 3 or 5 bosses on screen at once. Very challenging, but obviously doable.

    I'm level 73 right now, and I'm about to fight the second boss of a new area I got to, and I know this is still relatively early in the game. Excellent.
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  9. Lol, I've been dicking around in Majula. My guy seems so weak that I'm almost afraid to fight the first boss. I finally got a short bow, though! Now I need a catalyst so I can use spells.

  10. I died before I even got to the house with the red witches, started a fight with a group of dog-monkey things...
    Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.


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