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Thread: Dark Souls 2 - (PC, 360, PS3, XBO, PS4)

  1. Yeah i'm running Dex and haven't found a 100 phys shield yet, and I've cleared through five bosses so far.

    It's tempting to just check my guide but I'm trying not to use it too much. My current goal is to pump up my adaptability because apparently it rules.

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    In 28 hours I only came across 3 shields with 100% phys. red, the two Astro mentioned and a Tower Knight Sheild which requires 30 STR. Been using the Drangleic sheild and it works great. I avoided it at first because the whole Drangleic set is very heavy, but apparently you do not have to be below 50% equip burden to maintain fastroll! I was running/moving at and rolling at the same speeds at 22.x% equip burden and 62.%, so if you've been avoiding using some armor/weapon/shield combo because you thought it would slow you down: it probably won't

  3. Just got into the game last night. Got as far as the forest and killed that damn knight by the tree. He must have killed me 100 times but I got him! So far the game is really really great. The better framerate (360) really helps. The game looks sweet and Majula is amazing looking. The game is just as addicting as the last 2. I want to play more right now!

    How do I summon/help people in this game? I don't have soapstones yet.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by AstroBlue View Post
    Anyone found an 100% physical reduction shield yet?
    I had one that was quite heavy, it must have been a greatshield that I picked up from a treasure chest. Probably the Tower Knight Shield that Pineapple mentioned.

    Don't recall if the Drangleic Shield was heavier than I would have liked to use, but I remember that having a high percentage and being one of the next best options.

    For the longest time I was using the Large Leather Shield (round and milky white) which only has 90% physical reduction and weighs very little, but near the end of my time with the game I found the Archdrake Shield which had 95% or 100% physical reduction and fit perfectly my Cleric with his reinforced Archdrake Robe. Without spoiling too much, I'll say it's in a room adjacent to the room with gunpowder, before the room with the Pharros Lockstone and the three treasure chests in Lost Bastille.

    Helpful tip that slightly spoils the above: Gunpowder exploding next to a wall can reveal new paths. I uncovered three such instances, two providing new ways to bonfires and the third to that hidden room with the Archdrake Shield and another item.

    Also, I love the Pharros Lockstones, what a great addition.

    Quote Originally Posted by SamuraiMoogle View Post
    How do I summon/help people in this game? I don't have soapstones yet.
    If you're Undead, you need to use a human effigy to restore your humanity, which allows you to summon others as well as restore your health bar to its full state. But at least early on, you might want to be judicious with what few effigies you have, maybe save them for bosses.

    There's an NPC in Forest of the Giants sitting on some boxes, a little after the bonfire in that area (which you might have found or will find very soon after beating that knight). I'm pretty sure he's the one, after you exhaust his dialogue like Pineapple recommended, who gives you the regular and small white sign soapstones that allow you to put your sign down for others.
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  5. The ring of life protection is broken beyond belief right now folks. Easily the most overpowered item in the game. I'm sure they'll be fixing that in the first patch.
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  6. How does that thing work? Do you "die" and just pop up at the bonfire still human with your souls?

  7. I remember picking that up, but not using it. What does it do again?

    My four rings by the end of my time with the game:
    • Stone Ring -- said it greatly reduces enemy poise, so that seemed like it could be effective. Got it as a drop from the rhino-like cyclops behind the Fire Keepers' house/bonfire. I later took out the two - Lightning Spear miracle was very effective! - guarding that open coffin by the water, in that area with the torches and the Smooth/Silky crows. Turns out that coffin changes your gender.
    • Cloranthy Ring +1 -- found in that dense mist-covered forest I mentioned earlier. Used the regular Cloranthy Ring before.
    • Ring that boosted Attack -- I think I got this after a boss? I don't remember, but it increased my attack by about 20 or 25 points.
    • Ring that boosted Faith -- Bought from the woman selling miracles who you first meet near the second bonfire in Heide's Tower of Flame. Like some other NPCs, she moves to Majula after you first meet her. Make sure you find her, she can open a path for you to a new area for a payment of souls.

    along with the Silvercat Ring for falling. I also found a Ring of the Evil Eye +1, so you might not want to buy the standard one from the "Covenant Cat" (don't recall her name) in Majula if you're worried about souls and enemies not respawning.

    Did anyone buy any armor or items from the unsuccessful merchant (the one in his house) in Majula? I felt bad that I never did ...
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by FirstBlood View Post
    How does that thing work? Do you "die" and just pop up at the bonfire still human with your souls?
    Yep just like in the original, you don't go hollow and don't lose your souls.

    Problem is when it "breaks" in this one, you can just go to the blacksmith and repair it for 3000 souls.
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  9. It keeps you human? And you can repair it for that price? Wow.

    I always figured those one-time use rings disappeared from your inventory once they broke. I kept my Ring of Favor and Protection equipped in Dark Souls (slightly different dynamic with that one) and don't remember using the other ones.

    When you die with the ring on, I take it you respawn at the last bonfire you visited?

  10. Yeah that shit sounds stupid.

    I need to find the attunement slot boosting ring so I can do a little free pyromancy.


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