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Thread: Dark Souls 2 - (PC, 360, PS3, XBO, PS4)

  1. No it doesn't bother me. Get what ever version you want.
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  2. Finally finished this. My first Souls game also. I still have no idea what I was doing but I managed. Bring on a next gen version.
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    10 days

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Will View Post
    Question for 360 users, does the screen tearing become a big detriment overall? Going by Digital Foundry the PS3 version seems to have the framerate locked (although lower) but it doesn't have the tearing issues which makes me wish that From implemented a similar toggle to the Bioshock/Titanfall games of being able to lock the framerate.
    It should have had a toggle, but I got used to the tearing pretty quickly on my plasma. The game can be remarkably smooth at times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    10 days
    Bought it with my Steam gift cards. I'm ready.

  6. Durante (the DSFix guy) wrote an article for PC Gamer on the Dark Souls II port:

    It sounds sick as hell basically. 60fps, support for arbitrary resolutions, honest-to-god higher quality textures than the console versions, nicer shadows, better mouse+keyboard support.

    Click for full size

    Click for full size

  7. Power stance? Is it worth the bother?

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    Those screenshots are gorgeous! I made the second one my desktop

    Jed the power stance is worth it if: your weapon has GOOD scaling (B or higher) and you have good stats in STR and DEX. In that case the damage output is significant and if the weapon has effects like bleed it seems to increase that as well. As far as I can tell it does not affect spell casting, as the character will just use one hand anyways to lift the staff/chime even if you're two handing it.

    Speaking of that, who knew a Faith build would be the biggest damage dealing class? I foresee a balance update in the future, right now it verges on broken powerful.

  9. ...aaand that's a wrap. Sorry guys, but I found DS2 to be rather inferior to the first two; it's too....I don't know, clunky and bland in its design, comparatively speaking. First in the series that I have no desire to replay - at least, not now. Probably my last PS3 game, unless The Last Guardian makes a miraculous appearance.

    Maybe it's blasphemy to say, but I had way more fun with Dragon's Dogma.

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  10. Quote Originally Posted by BioMechanic View Post
    ...aaand that's a wrap. Sorry guys, but I found DS2 to be rather inferior to the first two
    Having just completed DS1 for the first time and immediately jumping to this, I couldn't agree more. The only thing I like better about DS2 was being able to warp right from the beginning. The only problem is that they ruined it by forcing you to warp back to Majula to upgrade, forcing unnecessary load times. DS1 was so much better.


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