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Thread: Dark Souls 2 - (PC, 360, PS3, XBO, PS4)

  1. From a summary of the new Edge article:

    - The new directors, Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura, are indeed the From Software staff who previously directed the Another Century's Episode series. The decision to have the two directors replace Miyazaki was a company decision made by both From Software and Namco Bandai Games to help move the series forward in a fresh direction.

    - One thing Shibuya wants to enhance is the action in the game. He feels that he can contribute because of his experience working on action games in the past.

    - Shibuya says he wants to make things like the Covenant system clearer and more accessible, and he wants to make the story and messaging less subtle.
    The first point is pretty awful. This is quoted from the article:

    "It was a company decision," clarifies Namco Bandai producer Takeshi Miyazoe. "Miyazaki worked on Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, but for the IP to evolve and provide a new experience within the Dark Souls world the new wind from directors Shibuya and Tanimura is key to providing players with [a] brand new Dark Souls experience. In order to maintain the expectations and satisfaction and the rewards that players experience, this was the right time to bring in the new characteristics and taste[s of the directors] for this series to continue on evolving."
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  3. As if Dark Souls needed to move in a "fresh" direction. You know, because the series is so stale already!

    If only From had enough cash to self-publish.

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    Considering how we haven't seen any actual footage or had any confirmation of how the systems might be changed up, I'm more than willing to remain optimistic that this will scratch the itch that only these games can. I would be totally fine with Dark Souls 2 being more of exactly the same, but I would also be disappointed that they didn't try anything new. Besides not putting achievements in the DLC, From has done me no wrong and I see no reason to cry just because someone wants to try some new ideas. Bring it on.

  5. I'm mostly concerned with the new directors because even though From has never done you wrong with a Souls game, they've done PLENTY wrong on a lot of other stuff.

    And honestly I was half-hoping they would just do their From Software thing and Armored Core the fuck out of this franchise because I think it's a formula that could be done over and over.

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    Looks like tomorrow at noon (pacific time) IGN will be streaming 12 minutes of gameplay. Exciting!
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  7. I'm a bit worried - Dark Souls was the first time many people got to try the Souls series, and there's only one other besides it. Dark Souls felt like the series hitting a strong stride, and all this hubbub of new directions so soon, making things clearer/more accessible...

    I'm all for streamlined games and accessibility, but Dark Souls is the one game where it feels like complexity is integral to the overall experience. The emotions of isolation, the panic of being lost, and the thrill of survival and discovery are echoed over and over all the gameplay aspects. To try to take the mystery and challenge away takes away a lot of what makes this series what it is.
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    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

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    Agreed, but I'll hold all judgement and speculation until I've played it. I don't know what is concrete and what's just hearsay, so I won't be worried unless I get it in my hands and the first area opens up with a bunch of NPCs telling you all about the game systems. As long as that doesn't happen I can't imagine they'd stray super far from the obviously winning formula.

  9. The fun part will be figuring out who's complaining about a tutorial because they actually figured everything out and who looked everything up but is complaining because they want to look cool.


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