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Thread: Dark Souls 2 - (PC, 360, PS3, XBO, PS4)

  1. No, no. You have full control of summoning others (can only summon in human form). And if you're being invaded (also only possible in human form), you'll get a notice saying you're being invaded.

    Just throw yourself off a cliff after beating a boss, since you'll automatically be human. And after kindling bonfires.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Joust Williams View Post
    So I can go from start to finish without John Q. Uberdouche pretending to help me and then ruining my shit?

    OK then ;p
    Pretending to help and ruining your shit isn't something really common nor easy to do. Only invaders can attack you directly and they come in flagged as invaders. You know they are attacking from the start. People you summon to help can never attack you
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jyoung
    Good quote from the dude who made Spelunky:
    Zelda had challenging dungeons?

  4. Also: Could just disconnect from the internet while playing to be alone.

  5. I don't know about challenging, but it had some seriously annoying dungeons.

    PvP is one of the best parts of the Souls games. Man up or take your leaky vagina elsewhere.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Melf View Post
    I hope they tweak, or better yet, ELIMINATE the whole fucking "invade your game" dynamic. That is just horrible, and it does nothing to make the game better. Playing with two other people, making progress, and some faggot pops in and kills everyone, just... because. All your progress lost because some dipshit had nothing better to do. Stupid, stupid shit that never should have made it into the game. At least let the player disable that shit. It almost ruined Anor Londo for me completely and made me want to shut off the game for good.
    Man the fuck up.

    Or as FirstBlood says, just play hollow.
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  7. After the game being so brutal to you the whole time, getting ganked by a red dude seemed like nothing really.

    Don't watch the gameplay trailer, it spoils something so amazing
    Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.

  8. #68
    The video was fucking awesome, I am beyond pumped for this game.

  9. That bridge going up to the castle looked amazing. Framerate and resolution looks much improved if that really was the 360 version.
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  10. Apparently, that video was PC.

    The engine is entirely new (though I wouldn't be surprised if it was middleware), the lead platform is PC (it will run at 60fps on a good PC out of the box, apparently, lol), and they promise that the console version will not drop below 30fps.

    Sounds awesome to me. I'm super curious about the middleware speculation.


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