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Thread: Random Retro Anecdotes

  1. Antiquarian.

  2. Also: you are pretty wrong.

  3. In fifteen years, will Mega Man 9 be vintage retro?

  4. Not for us, but for somebody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MechDeus View Post
    I'm pretty sure retro includes actual old styles and is not limited to just emulating them.
    In fashion it does, because you're wearing the old clothes today. You could make a case that giving 2012 impressions of a 1985 game is retro, but sharing 1985 memories of a 1985 game is really stretching it.

    I don't want to be buttplant though, so I'll share some vintage/antique/classic anecdotes as well (some of these I'm sure are retreads for long-time posters):
    • My dad brought home a 2600 in the early 1980s. Looking back, I am fairly confident it was for him to play Pac Man, but I played a ton of stuff on it too. A couple of my favorites were Atlantis and Yars Revenge.
    • In roughly 1985, I tried to convince myself (though my parents may have been behind this) that I didn't need an NES yet, so I bought Mario Bros. for the 2600. This plan did not work.
    • In what must have been 1987, my parents agreed to get me an NES for Christmas. I got enough money from relatives to afford three games to go with it: Castlevania II, Contra, and Life Force. I had played Castlevania at a friend of a friend's house and in the arcade. I am not sure what drew me to Contra and Life Force at the time.
    • I got Zelda II because it was a return with an open box and was cheap. I think I got Ring King the same way. Zelda II is still my favorite game in that series, because it plays more action-y and less awful.
    • I got a Game Boy from my grandparents for Christmas in 1989. I think they got one for my uncle (who's two years younger than me) and my cousin (who's two years older than me) too. Other than Tetris, I think my first game was Super Mario Land. That's still one of my favorite Mario games.
    • After that, I was too old to make my parents buy stuff like that. I got my Genesis from selling a complete set of 1990 Leaf baseball cards. My dad was pissed at me, because he didn't realize the bottom would fall out of that market not too long after. My first two games aside from the Sonic pack-in were Shadow Dancer, which I bought, and Thunder Force III, which a friend got me for Christmas that year.
    • I turned 16 and got a job just in time for the Sega CD launch. I had just about everything for that because of the timing, even Night Trap and Sewer Shark, which I think I paid $60 each for at the time.

    edit: I forgot the Master System! I got that in a trade for some basketball cards from a neighbor. He was born in Lawrence, KS, so Danny Manning stuff was gold to him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MechDeus View Post
    What's wrong with Tali?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    Also: you are pretty wrong.
    It's okay, I'd say you're more of a "classic" model than a "relic."
    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi
    What's wrong with Tali?

  8. Wait, how did you get enough money for a Genesis just by selling a box of one year old cards?

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    Not a box, a complete set. That was an expensive one back then. It had the Frank Thomas rookie and a Griffey that were worth a ton to a ~15 year-old.

  10. No I know, but still...they just came out

    They retailed for that much?


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