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Thread: 12/11 Amazon Gold Box: Assassin's Creed III for $33 + Lightning Deals

  1. 12/11 Amazon Gold Box: Assassin's Creed III for $33 + Lightning Deals

    Gold Box Deal day! And it's not shitty and full of Zumba this time, either.

    Not everything's been revealed, but here's a list lovingly copy-pasted from CAG:
    Deal Of The Day : Assassin's Creed (X360/PS3) w/ three $3 credits - $33.00

    12:00 AM PST : TERA - $5
    5:00 AM PST : GTA IV Complete Edition - ???
    7:00 AM PST : Groove with Raphael through the City of Light
    8:00 AM PST : Cheese it, the fuzz!
    10:00 AM PST : This headset puts you in the middle of the action with Dolby surround sound and a stunning 3D audio environment.
    12:00 PM PST : Sneak or slash your way to revenge and redemption.
    4:00 PM PST : Headset built for both the new GamePad controller and multiplayer online environments of the Wii U
    6:00 PM PST : Saddle up for this Western epic!
    8:00 PM PST : Save the Garbage Princess!
    9:00 PM PST : This 7.1 Dolby wireless surround headset is a truly wireless Xbox 360 surround sound headset.
    There's also a few others if you look at the main, Holiday Deals page. I see Ninja Gaiden III, Spirit Camera, and Ys Seven (!!!) as upcoming lightning deals.

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    Yay! Adventure Time 3DS for $19.99 get!
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.


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