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Thread: Fantasy Suggestions

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    <3 Dresden Files

    By the way, no real romance in these books, his love life is FUCKED UP.

  2. After reading the third book, I can attest that this is true and can only get fucked upper!

    I need to bump that thread again...

  3. Haha it's okay, the romance wasn't a major selling point for me. I wanted a storyline that would be constantly changing and adding a lot of creative, new things/characters to it instead of just the monotone of dragons/vamps throughout the whole story. I think Chao hit the mark with urban fantasy.

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    Read the first book or two. Like Chao said, it gets better later on, but if you like the first book you'll like the series. If you hate it, there's no point in continuing.

    Changes (one of the more recent ones) is fucking bananas.

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    Giant LOL at fucking Anita Blake, btw.

  6. Seems a valid pick considering the audience.


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