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Thread: Original Xbox Appreciation Thread

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    Original Xbox Appreciation Thread

    Tried to find an old official thread but maybe we didn't do that back then?

    This giant piece of shit is the only system I haven't had access to the past 5 or 6 years since it was too damn large to come along with me. I finally got to fire it up recently and have been playing Jet Set Radio Future, Splinter Cell, and Gun Valkyrie. Just wondering if anyone looks back on this system with fond memories and what everyone's favorite Xbox games were because I love buying games. I have a bunch of other games in the closet to sort through, I'll take pics or list them later.

    Sega was really knocking it out of the park for MS, but it was all niche stuff that I don't think anybody bought at all. Panzer Dragoon Orta, JSRF, Gun Valkyrie, Crazy Taxi 3, PSO, etc.

    There are so many really crappy mascots and terrible character design all over this thing, too. Blinx the Time Cat? Voodoo Vince? Stubbs the Zombie? Bleah.

    At least it did have the best version of multi-platform games. Still has the best versions of the PoP Sands trilogy after all these years.
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  2. MS + Live + Sega was fucking awesomeness back then. MechAssault, all the stuff you listed, Steel Battalion and, of course: BREAKDOWN.

    edit: Phantom Dust!

  3. I played so much MechAssault when that and Live hit. Hell, my first gamertag was Mechajuana. Too bad the sequel was crap. That's one series I'd actually love to see resurrected on the next Xbox.
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  4. Shenmue 2!

  5. I still keep my Xbox around to play Rallisport Challenge 2.

    It's funny thinking back to when Microsoft was actually a good thing for console gaming. Standardized HDDs and Live 1.0 were wonderful.

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    Ok, I have Steel Battalion, Shenmue 2, and Breakdown.

    I'll look into Rallisport 2 and Phantom Dust.

    Is Mechwarrior worth it w/o Live?

  7. I'd say no but that game kind of annoyed me because it wasn't a sim.

  8. Oh yeah, this was my Shenmue 2 machine. Speaking of which, I think we're a tad overdue for Shenmue 3...
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    Loved the crap out of the first Xbox, even though it took me a couple years to get one. Fable, Ninja Gaiden (even though I was horrible garbage at it), KotoR, Splinter Cell, Halo, Gladius, DoA 3... ton's of others all had me head over heels for the system and was the driving factor behind me wanting an HDTV. When the 360 came out and I saw what it looked like on my CRT vs a flatscreen, I knew it was upgrade time. At the time I did pretty much the same thing with multiplatform games as I do now: if it was on XBOX, that was the version I got. Generally they looked better and I liked the controller more. I never had Live during the original Xbox days, but I played it a few times at friends houses and loved it. I remember trying one of the Jet Grind games (whichever one was packaged later with that Sega GT 200X game), and thinking it was fun but waaaaaay too floaty for me, when compared to the fairly awesome Aggressive Inline game. Speaking of that, Dave Mirra BMX 2, I think that was Xbox, was excellent as well. The first 3D Castlevania I played was on Xbox (Curse of Darkness?), and I was horrible at that too but I loved watching my brother play it. I always thought I would get the backwards compatible list and plug in my old games, never once have.

  10. First system I ever modded. XBMC was super legit. KOTOR, the Burnout games, Pump it Up, emulation out the asshole.

    The only reason I still have my Xbox is Pump it Up. Blv.


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