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Thread: Original Xbox Appreciation Thread

  1. I loved the original Otogi, but haven't played it in a while. Otogi 2 looks a bit better, but doesn't quite have the charm of the first. I recently played Rallisport 2 and that has aged very well - ditto Top Spin. I liked Spikeout back in the day, but I doubt it's worth playing much now due to online being nixed. Pretty sure that means all the characters can't be unlocked now either. Orta still rules and can pass for a low-end 360 game when played on the system with HDMI. And of course, there's RENT-A-HERO NO. 1!, which I can now play thanks to my modded system. Crazy Taxi 3 still gets a lot of play due to the San Fran area from me, and PGR 2 is still fun to play for all the stuff I haven't gotten golds on yet.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Mzo View Post
    Sega was really knocking it out of the park for MS, but it was all niche stuff that I don't think anybody bought at all. Panzer Dragoon Orta, JSRF, Gun Valkyrie, Crazy Taxi 3, PSO, etc.
    JSRF and Crazy Taxi 3 were both really bad.

    I really don't have too many fond memories of this thing, although I didn't play games much at all in that 2001-2005 timeframe it was viable. I bought Xbox Live when it came out and that was of course a huge upgrade over everything out there (even on the PC) - no HPBs, universal voice chat and friends list, instant matchmaking, it was awesome. It's a shame we are looking at 10 years later and Xbox Live has barely advanced at all on that end.

    I played Project Gotham a ton, but unfortunately didn't even touch PGR2 until very late, like 2005 or 2006 when it wasn't as viable anymore - still a great game though. Those were probably my favorite games on the system. Same with Ninja Gaiden Black, I didn't touch it until 2006.
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    Although the Gamecube was my system of choice then, I probably played the Xbox more than anything that generation. As someone already said, I got almost all multiplatform games on it. The controller S was so comfortable, and to this day I'm still astounded at the visuals, the PS2 for the most part isn't even in the same league.

    I think my fondest memories are of the Sega titles, the Xbox seemed to house the last bit of Dreamcast era creativity from the company. I'll still play the shit out of Outrun 2 or Coast 2 Coast anytime, and it still looks and plays fantastic. I also <3 Gunvalkyrie, Soul Calibur 2, and Max Payne 2. I always wanted to try Steel Batallion, and fucked up my chance to pick it up for $70.

    Then, I got a mod chip for the thing. Holy fuck, system transformed! I recently got into it again, and I almost lost my shit when I found out Progear was CPS2, and thus, playable. Like Josh, the Xbox was the first system I modded, what a slippery slope that was.

  4. KOTOR on Xbox was the first Western RPG I played that I actually enjoyed (I don't think I played Planescape until after that, though I might be remembering that wrong). I have to give it praise for that.

    The first time I played Jade Empire I had a blast. Then I went back to it years later and it was awkward as shit and I couldn't figure out what I was thinking the first time.

    The Otogi games were really cool but it looks like I don't own them anymore for some reason. Full Spectrum Warrior was a neat army strategy game, I totally forgot about that.

  5. My XBOX gets more regular use than my PS3. The Bible Game is the best party game of all time. And Tecmo Arcade Classics has Tecmo Bowl, the second best party game of all time. Genma Onimusha is a game that seems to have gone overlooked. It's an enhanced port with spicier difficulty and a few new moves that make it worth a play even if you've finished the original. I like that game a whole lot.

    I'd also highly recommend two games that are simultaneously masterpieces and disasters, Phantom Crash, Blinx 1, and Otogi. Crimson Sea nearly fits this description, too.

    And Panzer Dragoon Orta is a pretty bad game, guys.
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    Dino Crisis 3, heathens.

    This might be the easiest system to go back and experience, because the games are almost all cheap and common. The one obvious exception is Metal Wolf Chaos, which I think still goes for a pretty penny. It also sucks that SMT Nine never got translated.

  7. No matter how awful it was, it always surprised me SMT Nine wasn't translated. Japan-only Xbox is a really small market and they probably lost money on that.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Timber View Post
    Also, CvS2 online was legit. Probably the most I've ever played a single fighting game online.
    Fuck yes, no roll-cancelling and all! Got my first horrible "arcade" stick to play it online.

    Here it is:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Upgraded shortly after that. Samurai Shodown 5 was awesome online as well. Small but tight community on that one.

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    Yeah, Full Spectrum Warrior was good, forgot about that. I have Otogi but not Otogi 2, and I definitely have Dino Crisis 3.

    I'll look into the Outruns, too.

    JSRF controls great and looks amazing, I wish they had made a real game out of it.

    I have to check, but I think I have Pirates! for this thing.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    This might be the easiest system to go back and experience, because the games are almost all cheap and common.
    True, but systems in good repair are becoming tougher to find and 360 backwards compatibility simply won't do.

    Is XB Metal Slug 3 still the definitive port?


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