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Thread: Completion Thread 2013: Prove the Justice of Our Culture

  1. Completion Thread 2013: Prove the Justice of Our Culture

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    1.) God of War (PS3)

    Decided to play the "Saga" in order when I'm not busy playing the Team Ico games or Valkyria Chronicles. A couple of sittings later and I'm already done with the first game. It's held up pretty well, all things considered. It's definitely jarring to go from the new HD graphics to those old grainy cutscenes, though.
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  2. 1.) Ys Origin (PC)
    Finished with Hugo on the Hard difficulty mode. The save data time was around 13h58m, but I spent a bit of time grinding- especially to get the 500,000 SP needed for the movement speed upgrade, to try for the Count Your Blessings achievement (get all blessings, upgrades to all boots/armors included- and IINM find all the Cleria ore pieces to max out the wand power).
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    1. Walking Dead (XBLA) 500/500

    Finished the final episode last night, I thought it was all pretty good and it kept me interested in seeing what was next for nearly the entire thing. Earlier statements about it being a buggy mess were spot on, though. Had a couple instances after pausing the game and coming back where every new sound was played twice, so each new line of dialogue would stutter and whatnot. Had a couple times where the textures dropped out and I was staring at like bare bones wire models. Several times when something was about to happen the game would chug down to like 3 FPS and create a "warp" effect as I moved from one scene to the next. Besides all that it was still a lot of fun to play through and I liked a bunch of the characters, it will be interesting to see how much different choices affect what happens. Still well worth the $10 for the whole shebang.

  4. 1. Child of Eden

    It's a fun if not fully realized game. I wouldn't mind replaying it for score if it not for:

    - A twenty-three minute final stage.

    - Being thirty years old.

    - Efficient play necessitating abuse of the octo-lock, a mechanic that, when used repeatedly, is cacophonous. The better your play, the worse the game looks and sounds. That's unfortunate for a game about sight-sound harmony. Rez had this going on, too.

  5. 2) Golden Axe III (MD) 401 pts (B Rank) using Proud Cragger. Default settings. Got the bad ending where you don't recover the Golden Axe, probably because the run was not a 1CC (the game does limit continues to 4).

    I tried all characters except Kain Blade, then watched someone play Cragger on a Youtube vid and decided to give him a shot. He does a ton of damage, especially with the slam move (hit Jump during a grapple). He also has a Joe Higashi style Hurricane Upper (360 motion f-u-b-d-f, then Jump+Attack), but it splits into three tornados. Early in the game, the weaker enemies will stay down after eating one of his three-punch combos. The enemy AI is actually good, unlike Capcom's Final Fight SNES port and its sequels.

    This one doesn't live down to the negative hype. Some backgrounds may not be as lush as the original, but that's probably due to Sega cramming 12 levels into 8 Meg. The character sprites do look good. Fans were probably just bitter due to it not being a port of Revenge. It's actually on par with GA2.

    EDIT: 446 pts. (B) on another try.
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  6. 1. Wing Commander

    This was cool! Some serious technical rust going on, but once I got used to flight stick controls and the crazy amount of slowdown I found myself pretty engrossed. I was expecting a flight model like the original Elite's, for whatever reason, but this game has you jamming the afterburner all the time to slide around enemies and fling manually-led shots at them. Fun stuff. I wasn't expecting the universe to be as interesting as it is, either, with the bar scenes and all. What surprised me most, though, was the game's flexibility in terms of objectives being messed up or characters dying. I lost, like, a million wingmen, and it felt like most of them could have been saved and flown with in later missions. I also tripped up a bit in a few missions in terms of other objectives, and the game kept on rolling. I think I even ejected for one of them and got scolded for it. Really cool and unexpected. And the docking process after a successful mission was satisfying every single time.

    I'm told that the second game is a pretty big leap. I can see why this series was a huge deal for many.
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    i will never play them, but i am curious how well the snes and sega cd versions compare. Gohan?

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    The SNES version is garbage. They did the best they could with the hardware, but you only really fight one enemy ship at a time due to the system's limitations. I wish this were released a bit later with a Super FX chip.

    The Sega CD version is much better. It's pretty much the PC game with added voice work, but it runs a bit slower than on the PC. I played the hell out of it back in the day but I haven't touched it since I got a PC. It does not include the expansions, unfortunately.

    There was also a much better Origin developed WC2 that was apparently completed but never released. Hopefully a review copy or something will get found and dumped eventually.
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  9. Finished Medal of Honor Warfighter last night and have to say I enjoyed that campaign better than Black Ops II. Some of the reviews out there have been less than fair to be sure.

  10. BTW, I thought the 3DO incarnation of (Super) Wing Commander was probably the best on a console.


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