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Thread: Gohan's Project Work Log

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    I looked into it, and I don't think I'll be doing any SNES repros, at least not anything with a large meg count like most RPGs. It's not as simple as burning an eprom and replacing the chip, I'm afraid.
    Yeah, I had assumed as much. I'm looking into a SoM2 cart now.

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    Easy one tonight!

    Take one abused, forgotten, and unloved Gameboy Advance SP:

    Add a $5 shell from Hong Kong that arrived surprisingly fast, get newish GBA!

    The plastic is noticeably cheaper than the original, but for a couple of bucks it's fine. Also, as an unintended side effect my flash cart fits much better in this shell than on the original. I guess cheap Chinese shit goes well together.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

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    hell it was probably made in the same building with the same machines

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    hell it was probably made in the same building with the same machines
    This is the case with old Japanese guitars, why not Chinese game boy cases?

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    The mold is pretty much perfect, it wouldn't surprise me if the same factory was used with a cheaper grade of plastic.

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    I've seen that and it's cool, but the SP is 10x as comfortable as the original GBA to me.

  7. The SP is so tiny my fingers on the back always feel like they're in a new relationship and constantly adjusting because none of them can figure out how to spoon without putting an arm in some weird location that makes the other side uncomfortable.

  8. What would be the best place to order a replacement SP screen from? Mine shows all sorts of green lines and such all of a sudden.

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    Dunno, but lines in the screen may be the ribbon cable instead of the screen.


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