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Thread: Gohan's Project Work Log

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    Phew, that Atomiswave took more work than I was expecting. I put it all together last night, although I'm not quite finished since I found a couple of things I need to tweak.

    First up, the joystick:

    I had a Madcatz SE case laying around, I threw some Sanwa parts in it and added a DB15 cable to it. It has an odd button configuration, but I did it that way so that it would work with both a Neo Geo and Atomiswave with proper layouts. The button layout is:


    So the top row is Neo Geo layout, or the Atomiswave 3 button layout. The rest of the buttons are laid out correctly for Atomiswave 5 button games, although I do have to change the button config for FOTNS. Supposedly the layout is the default for the KOF games, but I haven't tried them yet.

    Now the system:

    The solder on the jamma edge was from the previous owner, he soldered controls directly to the edge. I'm trying to find something to cover it up.

    Side view!

    Controller ports and power switch. I had planned to mount the DB15 connectors from the rear, but the holes I cut weren't quite perfect so I decided on a front mount. It doesn't really look like it in the photo, but they are actually on straight.

    Rear view:

    I messed up the power jack a little by melting the plastic on the back with the soldering iron. It still works fine, but I'll order another and replace it. The other port is an AV out jack, wired the same as the XRGB Mini so that a standard mini DIN cable can be used for it. Both low res and high res modes work fine with the Mini, thankfully. I left plenty of space in case I ever wanted to add component video or anything to the back, but in my setup RGB is much better than component would be.

    I was rather surprised, I was working on it until about 4 last night, and when I was done I hooked it up and it actually worked on the first try! I would have expected something to be wrong, but nope, all is well. There is some video interference though, I had made the cables a bit long on the inside to make it easier to work with, so I'm probably going to make them as short as possible and shield them to see if that helps. The VGA output on the front is flawless, so it's just the cabling to the AV jack on the back.

    I'm also trying to decide if I want to put a separate audio output on it. When testing, I used my PC monitor, but I have no way out passing audio if using VGA unless I construct a cable for the AV output with RCA audio output. It would probably be easier to just put a headphone jack on there like a Dreamcast VGA box.
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  2. Looks good!

    Your button on the far right of the stick doesn't line up properly with the others and it's driving me nuts to look at.

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    That's the normal Madcatz layout. It just looks funny with two of the buttons on the bottom row gone.
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  4. Probably just the angle of the picture. It looks like your C button dips lower than the B & D ones.

    I still have a box of junk to build a JAMMA setup sitting in my room and an arcade board in my hallway. This will probably never get done.

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    It would have been much less work to just build a supergun, but I'm not really into PCBs, and I like making my own console.
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  6. It's really just matching wires and finding an appropriate monitor, but then I look at the box and go, "Maybe next week." I've been doing that for years now.

    Soooo... who wants to make me a supergun?

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    As mentioned in the Haul thread, a homie gave me a Core Grafx, but seeing as how it is composite only and I only have 5 Japanese hucards anyway, I had to install a region switch and do an RGB mod.

    I really like how you can make the RGB mod on these invisible, the switch is the only indicator that this is modded. I'm particularly proud of this one, although not nearly as difficult as the Atomiswave, last time I tried to region mod my Turbografx 16 I messed it up and had to send it to an expert to fix it. I suppose I've come a ways since then.
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  8. I've been thinking of getting one of these because they're so small. That you can mod them to play American games makes them even more attractive. Are they expensive? I don't believe they are compatible with the CD-ROM units either.

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    Expensive depends on how much you are overcharged. You used to be able to find Core Grafx's for 50 bucks or so, but most places on ebay have ridiculous BIN prices.

    You can use the Japanese CD setups with it, just not the US Turbo Dock. Both the Briefcase and the Super CD Rape Machine work with it. I'm looking for a briefcase IFU to go with the Core Grafx now but have been unsuccessful so far.

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    So, I've been busy this week...

    There's one mod that's been like my Moby Dick. I've wanted it done ever since I discovered it was possible, but it costs way too much to pay someone to do, and I didn't yet have the skills to do it. That would be a combination 32x and Genesis, the Sega Neptune.

    About three years ago I tried to make one, but was unsuccessful. I redid it a couple of times, but never got it working quite right. I eventually became disgusted and threw all the parts in a box, never to be seen again. In reflection, I think the biggest reason it didn't work is the shitty Radio Shack tools and wire I was using was totally unsuitable for my application.

    So, armed with better tools, materials, and a few more years of experience, I grabbed the box out of storage and went to work. I had to actually repair the donor 32x first, as it didn't work at all.

    The work really isn't as difficult as I remember, just time consuming. Last night I finished the electronics, plugged it up and threw in Sonic 2. I'm a little nervous, if this doesn't work, I may just give up.


    It works perfectly. I then put in Doom. It works! So does Virtua Racing, Space Harrier, and everything else I throw at it. YAY!!!!!

    I still need to work on the case,I put it back in an unmolested shell and am using the Everdrive, but I'll need to widen the cart slot to use real 32x games. Also, this is my prototype using a VA0 motherboard, which has the worst sound of any Genesis. I want to either make another one using a VA4 motherboard or try installing a Mega Amp into this one so I can have my definitive Genesis.


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