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Thread: Gohan's Project Work Log

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    Gohan's Project Work Log

    Instead of posting in random threads, I thought I would just put my various random projects in here. Jotting down details and notes here will also help me remember things if I halt a project for an extended period of time.

    I had a 1 slot Neo Geo CMVS that was build by Jeff Kurtz many years ago, but it stopped working with a ram error, which is fixable, but it also has always had problems reading some carts anyway, so I was planning on keeping an eye out for a 2 slot board and making my own CMVS. That, and to me the CMVS was never really "mine" since I didn't build it. I picked the two slot motherboard since it's the easiest to build for a first timer. It already has a memory card slot and controller ports built in, as well as headphone jacks.

    Thanks to the generosity of a few people on the forums, I got my hands on a 2 slot pretty cheap, the catch is that it didn't have the metal cover, which is handy when mounting video jacks and otherwise making a nice looking system. I'll get there eventually, but there were several games in my collection I haven't been able to play in a very long time, so I'm ghetto rigging this!

    I created this monstrosity:

    I stole the Neobitz video encoder out of the old CMVS, did a mod so that the board only requires 5v instead of 12 so I could use a Neo home system power supply, and ran the wiring into a project box that has the component video, audio, and power jacks on it. Everything is loose right now, I plan on permanently mounting the Neobitz on the motherboard tomorrow, as well as use some tiny zip ties to clean up the cable mess. For right now though, it works beautifully, other than the fact that for some reason the volume from the right speaker is significantly lower than the left.

    To do list:
    Install black plexiglass base
    Install new controller ports (they are functional, but the plastic is damaged)
    Fix headphone jacks
    Get top cover and paint/prep it
    Get updated Unibios (currently running 2.3)
    Install Game Select switch

    When I'm done, this thing will be friggin' sweet.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

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    I look forward to seeing your updates

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    Found a pile of goodies at Goodwill today, surprisingly enough. I've never found any decent game stuff at any thrift store around here. You know what that means? Projects!

    GBA: Backlit model, everything works on it but it is beat to hell and the buttons are so worn you don't really even press them down anymore. Nothing a $5 shell on ebay can't fix The question is, what color?

    Xbox: I hooked it up and it works fine, although the DVD drive hangs a little when ejecting a disc. The laser is good though, so I can probably fix the DVD drive easily enough. Then, comes the softmod, although I need to get my hands on one of the softmod games, I'm getting tired of having to hook the old hard drive up to an old ass computer to get the softmod working.

    Nintendo 64: Going purely by serial number, it looks like this is a model that can be modded for RGB. The console is completely bare though, I will need to buy a power cord for it. Fucking proprietary cords.

    Dreamcast: I haven't tested it yet, but it probably is okay and just needs a little cleanup. Like I really needed another Dreamcast.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

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    When I find stuff like that, with no hook ups, I assume a mother cleaned out a closet.

    The original owner would have gotten rid of everything in one go.

  5. Whatever color you choose for the GBA, keep it faithful to the colors that were offered with the backlight.
    I can help you with the xbox game and n64 power cord. Still gotta mail you those games and your DQIV.
    I will get that done Monday.

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    Failure. I ordered silver, which I'm pretty sure was frontlit only. But I like silver!

  7. why not use the fancy pants user blog thing

  8. Only bots read them, and no one comments.

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    I think dog$ is using it as his diary.

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    Pretty much, and I like the format of a regularly updated thread than digging through blog posts.

    I finally found a metal cover for my cmvs, now I can finish it and make it purdy!


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