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Thread: Anime from GAINAX and more, plus lots more DVDs, CDs, manga

  1. Anime from GAINAX and more, plus lots more DVDs, CDs, manga

    More stuff up for grabs. I've been getting more aggressive lately what with my daughter coming to us in just a few months... like always, the link is
    More stuff will be added probably every other day or so

    TENCHI MUYO - 22 volume set
    Oh My Goddess
    X by Clamp
    Beauty Pop - 10 vol set

    DVD (anime)
    Animation Runner Kuromi
    Gurenn Lagann
    Chance Pop Session
    Riding Bean (with soundtrack CD)
    Tezuka's Metropolis
    Puni Puni Poemy
    Gunbuster 2 (Diebuster)
    DISGAEA series
    Matrix Anime (Ani-Matrix)
    Street Fighter Alpha
    AKIRA (limited tin)

    DVD (other)
    Psych seasons 1-4
    X-Men 2
    Napoleon Dynamite

    cd (anime)
    GTO anime soundtrack
    Dragon Ball Z & GT
    Dragon Ball GT game OST
    Hellsing (original)
    Street Fighter remixes

    cd (other)
    The Max Weinberg 7
    Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
    Weezer tributes
    They Might Be Giants solo projects
    Save Ferris

    tweet the wet sprocket

    ultimate showdown

  2. I just bought your Gunbuster.

  3. #3
    I might throw a bid on that hellsig OST.

    That OST is some of the best music of the 90s. Like some kind of secret psychedelic concept album

  4. There's very little activity at the moment for HELLSING.

    Opaque, I can't reply until you clean out your PMs but the answer is: not yet
    tweet the wet sprocket

    ultimate showdown

  5. I deleted my inbox just now.

    I can't believe it was full.


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