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Thread: Lego Rock Band (360)

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    Lego Rock Band (360)

    I unfortunately didn't get on this when it was $1-$10 new. Looking for an unused export code mainly, if anyone wants to sell just that. I tried my luck with a used copy from gamestop but the code was already used, thought I would see if anyone here was done with RB and had a a copy lying around.
    John / JohnNiner / Niner

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    Unfortunately it didn't work, but definitely thanks for trying SSJN! Still looking for this, if anyone has one they'd like to sell.
    John / JohnNiner / Niner

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    You might check Gamefly to see if they have a cheap used copy. When you buy it should come with a code. Should.

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    I've never bought from GameFly, interesting that they guarantee codes for used. I guess they randomly sell their stock? I'll keep an eye on that, thanks for the suggestion!
    John / JohnNiner / Niner

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    My experience with them is that they rent out the discs as disc only, when they sell them they resurface the disc and put it back in the case, which still has all the inserts and is in new condition.

    I just checked and they don't have it for sale though... sorry.

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    Thanks, I did take a look just now myself. New the game is $20 at gamestop, but haven't found any non-guts yet.

    The export costs another $10 after you get the game, and only some of the songs interest me, maybe I'll just pass completely.
    John / JohnNiner / Niner

  7. If you want to pay $10, I can crack open a new copy and give you the code and sell my now used copy for $5.
    Sadly, I couldn't find any used copies with codes in them aside from the one I gave you that was already redeemed.

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    That actually sounds good, then I won't have to think about this anymore. I think I have your email already, will send you a PM to verify.

    Edit- Got this from SSJN. Thanks!
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