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Thread: TNL Writing Challenge

  1. Want me to choose the topic? Fine.

    It's about a child losing his/her innocence to an adult. Child is described as a person under 17. Go!

  2. I don't normally use emoticons but...

    - calianaderderajhfjdjjdskk
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  3. I don't want any of you to do something comfortable. That's bullshit. Every time I try to write something just for practice I go out of my way to make sure it's something I'm not familiar with. Grow a pair and tackle the subject.

  4. This could be autobiographical.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    No one uses sigs.

  6. So, are we doing this or what?

  7. No.

  8. Fine. I knew I shouldn't have bothered. Fuck all of you.


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