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Thread: Unlocked iPhone 5 Black 32gb

  1. I always take the upgrade discount, I figured paying full price was just for people who don't like being stuck in a contract for two years.

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    Pretty much. I'm still sitting on an old G1 phone purely because I'm out of contract and may need to kill service if I need that $125 a month for other things.

  3. Buying a phone outright will not extend your contract. Some companies claim you cannot make insurance claims on them if they break/are defective, but some companies don't care.

    Considering Straight Talk is selling these for $649 straight up, someone who is wanting a 5, this is a decent deal.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    What is the benefit of buying a phone outright and not just having a contract? With verizon i was out of contract for 8 months while i waited for the iphone 4s to launch. My bill didnt go down. I was still paying as much as when i was subsidizing the cost of a new phone through the contract. I could have had an iphone 4 that whole time and upgraded to a 4 s four months later.
    I think the benefit is in having the option to go with lower cost providers. Verizon is never going to budge on the rate no matter what you do because their gameplan is to get everyone tied to a contract. But paying up front for the phone and having the option to save $50 a month over 24 months by using straight talk or ting or something instead of Verizon/AT&T could be a worthwhile investment.

  5. I use Virgin Mobile. $35 a month for 300 minutes and unlimited data/texting (I think it throttles at a certain threshold, but I've never gotten there) and I have 4 G coverage where I live so it's pretty great. I have an HTC EVO V. iphones have more apps, and there are better companies as it relates to clarity and coverage (Virgin uses the Sprint network) but I think the cost of having an iphone on AT&T or Verizon is completely bananas.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by dave is ok View Post
    What's a GSM carrier?
    Gay Sex Militia. You don't want to know what The Carrier does.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Gay Sex Militia. You don't want to know what The Carrier does.
    The bill is just as bad as an ass-rape, so I've heard.

  8. Btw. This is for real illegal as of the day before yesterday. You might want to take this down.

  9. It was unlocked prior to the law going into effect so I think it's fine, you just can't unlock a phone by yourself going forward. At least that's how it looked to me.

  10. dunno. ask Nick? He is weird about the law.


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