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Thread: Unlocked iPhone 5 Black 32gb

  1. Are you confusing factory unlocked with jailbreaking or is it all of a sudden illegal to sell a phone you bought legally in the same condition it comes when you buy direct from apple

  2. Jailbreaking is legal. Unlocking is not.

    Quote Originally Posted by THE LAW
    violations of the DMCA [unlocking your phone] may be punished with a civil suit or, if the violation was done for commercial gain, it may be prosecuted as a criminal act.

    Doesn't make sense to me either.

  3. Thats silly, but doesn't apply here

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Unlocking is not.
    Unless it's done by a carrier or was purchased before 2013.

  5. Can you prove it was unlocked by a carrier, and not done so to sell for financial gain?

    I'm only mentioning this because ~ I love you ~

  6. I called Apple as soon as I got it to verify it was unlocked proper.

    ~ XOXOXOXO ~

  7. Verizon will still be selling their iPhones unlocked anyway and Apple will still be selling unlocked iPhones for a premium.

    Sounds to me like has a new entry brewing.

  8. It's related to DMCA. Of course it's dumb.

  9. This actually is pretty fucking terrible for carriers like Ting, Straight Talk or even T-Mobile's latest no-contract push. Ugh.


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