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Thread: Disney Infinity (3DS, PS3, Wii, Wii U, 360)

  1. Alternators were great. I was so sad when those stopped.

  2. It's bittersweet. Was broke anytime they released a new wave....

  3. I never got myself most of the ones I wanted (Grimlock, Silverstreak, Ravage) but that line is still the only set of toys I've bothered to purchase in probably the last decade.

    I just looked it up and realized they launched a decade ago. TIME TO FEEL OLD AGAIN

  4. Quote Originally Posted by MechDeus View Post

    I just looked it up and realized they launched a decade ago. TIME TO FEEL OLD AGAIN
    Wha??? Damn you. Regret never picking up the little Black Subaru so I could mod it like my 2.5 RS.

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  6. Yeah, that's what Skylanders costs. No surprise there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    Were there two Beast Wars shows? I only remember the sub ps1 cg shit one. Id like to see this other, good one you mention.
    There was Beast Wars and Beast Machines. Beast Wars was the good one, like someone said it looks like ass but the writing is really good in the second and third seasons. Beast Machines is a continuation where they return to Cybertron, but it sucks by comparison.

    I mean, I hate the way the series looks, and I hate any non-Dinobots that transform into animals and shit, but when I finally give it a chance it was good.

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    To make sure I remember prior discussion about this game correctly, it's bad enough that I should not even consider it on sale when there are Wreck-It Ralph figures coming and the potential for Star Wars ones, right?

    Completely off topic, but the fact that the site linked first above exists was fascinating to me.

  9. SSJN and I burned out pretty quick. I'd buy a starter pack for $50 and feel alright.

    It's a kids game.

  10. If you are looking for a thing for your kid to enjoy, it's not bad.
    However, there is zero challenge, zero accountability for finding collectibles, and what should be the best part of the game (toy box mode, theworld building/sharing part of the game) is woefully inadequite.
    Keep in mind that only figures from the franchise can play in each story mode (e.g. can't use Pirates dudes in Lone Ranger, etc.) so the only thing you can use characters who didn't get a playset (what they call the story mode side of the game), such as Wreck it Ralph and Jack Skellington, is the woefully inadequite toy box mode.

    Seriously, if this kind of thing appeals to you at all, Go for Skylanders Swap Force. The game is really good, and both you and your kid will enjoy it. The game is huge, there are enough characters that a few willl appeal to anyone, and all the goals are presented in a nice checklist format for nerd completionists. It's a superb "My First Dungeon Crawl."


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