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Thread: Thunder Force V

  1. Thunder Force V

    Top five listing

    Game level: Normal
    Provide score, name, play time, and stage according to the format below. And please mention what system you're playing on; SS or PS -evidently the scoring is substantialy different between the two versions -any specifics would be appretiated.

    ----Thunder Force222 Special Combat Team----
    1. 741844920 - dog$ --:--, ?-?-?-4-5-6-7
    2. 684123040 - jp --:--, 1,3,2, 4, 5, 6, 7
    3. 629600720 - Core Boy 24:29, 3-1-2-4-5-6

    -----Thunder Force V: Perfect System-----
    1. 470122981 - Punky Skunk 24:39:96, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-!

    lets get some strategy discusion down in this thread.

    What are some favorite quick kills (high multipliers) you are particualarly proud of (or fun to pull off)?, and what weapons are most effective where?..

    Let's have some scores!

  2. According to dog$, there are some substantial differences in the scoring between the SS and PSone revs. Like several hundred million points or so.

    Anyone know for certain? If so, it should probably be reflected in the score table somehow.
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  3. Damn, I have a clear score for the PSX version that's quite a bit lower. I'll post it later.

  4. 470122981 - Rob 24:39:96, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-! (PS)

    Here's my score, just an inch or two off a no miss bonus too. I'll try to get one later.

    and what weapons are most effective where?
    I use range a lot, because it has a wide target range and hits enemies automatically. It's by far the best weapon for speed bonuses.

    When there are smaller enemies popping out from the background, I use hunter.

    When there's a swarm of "one-hitters" (like in the tunnel section of Guardian's Guardian), I use wave.

    Occasionally I'll use the default shot or sword if range doesn't work like for the pods in Wood or the scrap metal in Guardian's Guardian.

    That's about it.

  5. #5
    Hells yes there is a huge difference in SS and PS scores... not sure if this is my best round but I took down these SS scores (literally) years ago:

    KIDS mode: 848,145,880
    NORMAL mode: 741,844,920
    HARD mode: 631,309,800

    ... and any clear data I had on PS TFV was erased since with the death of my Big Card, so I don't know for sure what my best PS run was. All I know is that I'm pretty sure getting 700m+ on PS TFV happens only in dreams....

  6. What the hell, you get more points for kids mode? That's screwy. At least I know which game has the higher scores now.

  7. I was afraid there might be some score differences between the two versions... let's see if we get enough entries to do two tables..

    Rob, sounds like you use he same weapon strategies as myself. Have you tried starting at level three? It will provide the Free-Range right off the bat, and then you'll have it through level 1+2 allowing some 12-14X multipliers for the respective level bosses. Getting the free-range on the first level of play, as opposed to the third provides nearly 100000000 point difference in my game.

    And, I believe, the available points are the same amongst Kids, Normal, or Hard games; it just becomes a matter of it being easier to acheive 16x multipliers on more enemies.

    I'll try to search the net later for details of the scoring differences.

  8. Wow, the scoring really is different. Getting 100 million total in the first three levels is a big stretch in the PS version (I get nearly all X15s and X16s on everything and end up with around 90-95 mill. at most).

    Is there not a range in No Blue? I get one right before emerging from the water.

  9. Ok, I pulled that number out of my ass. I had looked at my saved score records and the ones where I started 1,2,3 were like 100million less than starting 3,1,2. A decent score for 3,1,2 on Saturn is 159657640
    There is a FreeRange midway through No Blue (it is familiar to me as a 10000pt bonus), I suppose then that my level preference is more a matter of coming into No Blue with 3 Craw as opposed to ending No Blue with a max of 2 Craw. I can see how this wouldn't matter though; with 16x still achievable, if you get in close and make the kills with Range1 of the FreeRange.
    Is there any way to get a multiplier for that large Eel/Worm that chases you midway into No Blue? I can get a 1x, so there must be a higher multiplier (or is the 1x just a tease?), what weapon does it?
    7/18 I've managed to get 4x with Free-Range, but I can't kill it before it goes of the screen for a second -that must be the timeframe for a 16x

    Some brief searching for differences only turned up a write-up by Mike Hobbs that suggests the PS rev is more difficult than the SS.
    A number of graphical differences have already been mentioned, but I can't seem to find any info about scoring or gameplay variants.

    629600720 - el dodo 24:29, 3-1-2-4-5-6

  10. That serpent in No Blue I'm assuming is the one just as you enter the water? The multiplier system must be different for the PS version because I usually get X12-14 using back shot overweapon.

    What I'm curious about is the dirt diving thing near the end of Wood. Doesn't seem to give any bonus.


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