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Thread: So, HDTVs...

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    So, HDTVs...

    So here we are in 2013 and I'm thinking about finally getting an HDTV. I don't follow HD sets much, is Panasonic Plasmas still the shit for gaming? I give no fucks about 3D, I care about image quality, lag, and to a lesser extent how well it upscales old consoles.
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  2. This thread can help with the LCD side of things.

    I'm pretty sure FirstBlood and Chux will tell you to get a Panasonic Viera. If you have the cash get one.
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  3. Yeah, my Viera has been the joint, no noticed lag and I play them fightmans and rock mans.

    HOWEVER, my LG had better options for my retro stuff. Win some, loose some.

  4. Yeah I've been impressed by the input lag on my Viera LCD but there's no doubt that the Plasmas are even better.

  5. Both of my LG LCDs have been fantastic. The biggest negative that I can think of is that their black levels ain't great, but I honestly don't even notice any more. As far as lag, my 47" LED LCD does on the rare occasion go out of sync with the audio of a movie, but all I have to do is turn it off and back on again and it's fixed. I've never had an issue with lag in games, but I don't play stuff like Street Fighter so I don't know about that. And retro gaming looks like shit on anything but a CRT, IMO. I have zero experience at home with plasmas.

    I say go big and get at least a 50". The nice thing about LED lit models is that they tend to be ultra thin. Smart TVs are cool, but redundant if you have an HTPC or modern game console.
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  6. Smart tvs are all destined to be obsolete a year or two after purchase.
    Most of these electronics companies can't even be relied upon to update their fucking smart phones.
    There's no way in hell they will support last year's television.

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    I'm actually leaning torwards a 42", I think a 50 will be too big for the area. But it seems Panasonic doesn't make a 1080p 42" plasma anymore, fuckers.

  8. Yeah, I really wanted a plasma but my TV spot is a severely limited size so I had no choice but to go with the 42" LCD.

  9. I have become a size queen. My first hdtv (2006) was a 26" samsung lcd (i only get plasmas these days). I didnt think i needed anything bigger than that. Now i dont bother looking at anything less than 60" and had to show extreme restraint last year when the Sharp 70" led hit $1800. I am glad i did because the 80" came out shortly thereafter. I am just one "opps, knocked the tv over" accident away from getting that.

  10. Same, and I kick myself so much for getting the 50" instead of the 60" years ago. An 80" would be boner inducing.


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