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Thread: Destiny

  1. Jealous.

  2. We should def. be able to do that Strike tonight. I'm off at noon, so I'm sure I'll hit max level and start grinding out some gear, might try different classes too.

  3. When my Internet died, did you guys get kicked out of the strike or did control of the fireteam just migrate to one of you?

  4. We thought you bailed out, so we went to orbit.

  5. The strike mission wasn't that hard once I hit level 8. I got through it on hard with 2 randoms after you guys got off last night.
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  6. I am sad the supposed PC version isn't until next year. Oh well, since they aren't allowing cross-platform play of any kind because of pixels I guess I'll just wait it out.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Chux View Post
    Timber and I started doing hard mode stuff after you left, we had that one instance where a super mob shows up and you have X amount of time to defeat him, we got him past half health and he ran.
    I've had that happen a bunch, those "public" events are pretty cool. I've seen three different types so far, chasing down groups of enemies across maps and eliminating them one by one, fighting a boss type Fallen that has a shit ton of life and 4 different checkpoints, and the game dropping a giant tank (like the one seen in The Devil's Lair mission) in the middle of the map. My one complaint is some of the public events you get a lot of help with, like 15 - 20 friendlies all fighting with each other, and some you literally have one other person who gets dropped into it with you making it impossible to complete.
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  8. Thanks to Korly for the code! I'm going to give this a shot some time soon (work and children permitting).

  9. Quick tip: when you're in the strike, don't lag behind.

  10. Yeah, please don't.


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