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Thread: WTB Sega CD Games

  1. Oh, it seems it has!

  2. Sorry I couldn't help you out Mzo, if I did buy Josh's Sega CD games I sold them all over a year ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    I have no idea if all the disk isos are out there or not.
    All the disc isos are out there. For every system ever. It's 2013, the nerds have had quite a while to get that kind of thing done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Timber View Post
    It's 2013, the nerds have had quite a while to get that kind of thing done.
    The nerds are quite on top of things.

    I guess my initial ignorance was because I've never downloaded a sega cd game, so I had no idea if they'd been converted to some magical file type that runs on magical emulators or if they left them as a disk ISO and made the emu run it off of a virtual drive. I could see them doing either/or. But you can never just assume 'the nerds' will do what seems to be most rational method for you on any given day.

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    This sucks D=

    I should've looked into these games years ago.

  5. I only wish I could be there when you get to play these. I also wish you were close enough to come over, my roommate owns a ton of Sega CD games and they are all terrible.

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    yes, the awesome to terrible ratio on the sega cd was amazing.

    You'd have genre pushing titles like Lunar 2, then 10 horrible garbage sewer shark games.

  7. road avenger fucks your eyes and ears!

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    That's the thing with Sega CD though, the quality is almost always in the extremes of good and bad. The good games are great, while the terrible games are awful yet must be experienced anyway.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  9. Tomcat Alley. MMPR. Brutal Paws of Fury.

    The best system.

  10. Everyone should experience Panic!
    There was a time when a wholesaler I dealt with was trying to dump new copies of Panic! for $1.
    If only I had known...


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