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Thread: Killer is Dead (360, PS3, PC)

  1. Killer is Dead (360, PS3, PC)

    There's a new Suda 51 project coming out this August. There isn't a single dick joke in the entire trailer:

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  2. No dick jokes no sale
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

  3. "Do you know what it's called when the moon blocks out the sun?" That's real in-game dialogue? Why yes, we do know common words used to describe semi-common events. It's because we're not totally illiterate.


  4. Been looking at a lot of Siliconera's articles about this game and it looks just SUDA51 weird enough for me to want it.

    Missions that involve assassination, bonsai theft, and showing ladies a good time (Gigolo missions)? Yeah, it's got that.

    Outer space walking, creepy flashbacks, a shiny unicorn and a villain(?) that looks like he escaped from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure? Yup, that, too.

    The only decision for me is 360 or PS3. Man, am I psyched for more weirdness.

  5. So, not very far in, game is not fun. This coming from someone who thought Shadows of the Damned and Lollipop Chainsaw we're some of the most fun games this generation.

    It's like suda51 read a bunch of Haruki Murakami books and then made a game.
    Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.

  6. This game is pretty ridiculous so far, in a good way. Swordplay is great, graphics are unique and pretty stunning sometimes, and the absurdity level is high. Not enjoying this as much as Shadows of the Damned or Lollipop but it's better than No More Heroes.
    Quote Originally Posted by AstroBlue View Post
    It's like suda51 read a bunch of Haruki Murakami books and then made a game.
    Is this a bad thing? Murakami is godly.

    This is also one of the first games to offer a respectful and fully fleshed out depiction of women.

  7. I wound up getting this. I'm not a fan of Grasshopper's games in general. I liked what I've played of Killer7, Lollipop Chainsaw seemed okay, Shadows of the Damned was okay, and No More Heroes was seriously unbearable. But I'm in love with the look of this game and I figured it would be no worse than Lollipop Chainsaw mechanically so I decided I'd play it. So far it's been what I expected, but I'm very very early.

  8. The look is amazing. The graphics are seriously stunning - what they've done with color is badass, and unlike anything I've seen in any other game to date. There may be a game that looks like this (with the over saturated color) but I haven't played it. The action is shallow, to be sure, but really fun too. I don't get why people rag on Suda so much - I mean, I do, but among hardcore gamers I'm seriously surprised at the criticisms leveled at his games. Sure, they lack polish (and that's a diplomatic way of putting it) but they're way more imaginative, cool, and just totally off the wall than 90% of other games coming out these days. Suda51 is a really creative dude and I hope he continues to make games, because from what I gather Grasshopper games make no money. I'm actually surprised his funding hasn't been cut yet. I'm glad though.

    Point is, everyone talks about how franchises and endless sequels and conformity in gaming is a constant problem, and here is someone bucking all that shit, and yet we just bitch and moan about screen tears and misogyny. Wake up, kids. This is what you've been asking for.

    It sort of reminds me of the stupid moaning about ME3's ending (which was pretty damn good) which ended up with Bioware's primary leaders exiting the industry to make beer instead.

    Just shut up, guys. Gamers are the most nit-pickety, bitching, moaning sub-genre of freaks I have ever seen. I guess that's why I love them so much. But don't ruin a good thing!

    Suda51 rocks

  9. The pre-episode cut scenes are all amazing, some of the best ever. Taking it real slow and up to the Kyoto level; game is growing on me a lot. I really don't understand why there's so much backlash over the giggolo missions, they're just stupid.

    Quote Originally Posted by buzzfeed staff
    Anyways, this is when I turned off my PlayStation 3 and put my head in my hands for about five minutes. While I slowly shook my head, still in my hands, from side to side, I thought about all of the work that went into the Gigolo Mission. I thought about how someone had to think it up, and then how someone had to design the sad little bar it takes place in, and someone had to design the "Jane" and draw her sad little chiffon dress, and draw the neat little hearts that fill up as you give her perfume and roses. I thought about how someone had to code it all. I thought about how someone, probably multiple people, had to playtest the Gigolo Missions, again and again, and I thought about the possibility that this person, who is clutching the bottom rung of the video game industry, may hope one day to be in a position of power like Goichi Suda, may actually idolize Suda, and considered playing the Gigolo Missions hundreds of times to be an honor. I thought about what I was feeling, which was shame at and despair for the medium of video games, and I wondered what feeling Goichi Suda intended for me to feel during the Gigolo Mission. Was it arousal? Was it amusement? Was it anxiety? Was it anger? Then, with my head still in my hands, I began to think about the people who would defend the Gigolo Mission online, because people online defend things, and I wondered what case they would make. Would they say that the Gigolo Mission is acutally? You know, actually? Actually: A Clever Commentary? A Smart Satire? A Pointed Postmodern Pastiche? Then I thought about the game writers who would write: A Stylish and Eccentric Action Game Marred By Some Sexism. The Latest From Auteur Goichi Suda Is A Visually Stunning Hack and Slash With Problematic Representations of Women. Just keep that Important Caveat in mind while you play the Gigolo Mission and you oughta be fine.
    The I clicked on another buzzfeed "what Gem character are you?"
    Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.

  10. This game came out?

    Killer is Dead is dead


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