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Thread: Desktop mouse pointer appears while playing fullscreen games.

  1. Desktop mouse pointer appears while playing fullscreen games.

    For the last month or so, the mouse pointer, usually in the form of an hourglass, pops up in games after a seemingly random period of time, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes an hour. In games that have their own cursor, both are visible at the same time. I've noticed that keyboard inputs also become 'locked' when this happens. For example, if I'm holding W to run forward when the pointer appears, the game acts like I'm still holding it down even after I release it. I have to press and release the key again to reset it.
    I have no other programs running in the background, but if I alt+tab, I see the old style task switcher with a bunch of generic icons in addition to the game and the desktop. I can't actually switch to any of them, however, since the Windows 8 task switcher shows up a moment later over top of the old one, and it only shows the desktop and the game. The task manager doesn't show anything unusual, and there's no detectable malware on the machine.
    In some games, just switching to the desktop and back makes the pointer disappear, but in others, it won't go away no matter what I do.

    I've tried searching for solutions online, but like every other computer issue I run into, it seems to be unique. The only similar problems that I've come across are game specific.
    If anyone has any advice about how to track down the source of the problem, i would greatly appreciate it.

    Operating System
    Microsoft Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 64-bit
    AMD Sempron 3600+ 51 C
    Manila 90nm Technology
    2.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 334MHz (5-5-5-15)
    Dell Inc. 0RY206 (Socket AM2 ) 25 C
    AU20UN02 (1280x1024@75Hz)
    SyncMaster (1024x768@85Hz)
    1024MB GeForce 9500 GT (XFX Pine Group) 65 C
    Hard Drives
    149GB Hitachi HDS721616PLA SCSI Disk Device (ATA) 36 C
    466GB Hitachi HDS721050DLE SCSI Disk Device (ATA) 34 C
    Optical Drives
    TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H653B SCSI CdRom Device
    Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)

  2. This shit is making me so fucking angry. I can't play anything on my PC without wanting to punch the screen.
    I think I'm going to have to just ditch Windows 8 and go back to Vista.

  3. Only time I had this kind of an issue was when I forgot I was running Xpadder in the background and tried to play some games with native controller support.

    There's a bunch of stuff I would think to try (namely going into control panel and looking through hardware/software mouse support and themes) but I don't know Windows 8 well enough to know what it does or doesn't have for options.

  4. So it seems this might be a hardware problem.
    For some reason, the mouse is disconnecting momentarily. and then when it reconnects, Windows 8 just pops the pointer on the screen. I guess Vista just handles the situation differently.

    I had left my pc unplugged for a month while I was out of town, and when I came back, my power supply was flaky and had to be replaced, and the mouse issue was even worse. It would sometimes not wakeup from sleep or fail to start on bootup. The LED inside would just flicker dimly.
    Since it was connected through the hub in my keyboard, I thought it may be a problem with that, so I connected the mouse directly to the computer. Since doing so, the mouse pointer pops up much less frequently, and when it does, the keyboard doesn't seem to lock up the way it did before.
    I'm still not quite sure what to make of it, but I'm going to try a different mouse as soon as I can borrow one and hopefully that will pinpoint the problem.

  5. So I discovered that there's something wrong with the USB port on the right side of my keyboard. Anything connected to it will not wake up from sleep mode. The port on the left doesn't exhibit this behaviour, so there's clearly something wrong with the keyboard.
    Using a different keyboard doesn't solve my mouse issue, though, so there's something wrong with both the mouse and the keyboard.
    I don't know if it's the mouse that damaged the keyboard or the other way around, so I just scrapped them both.
    I used my spare keyboard for a bit, but then it died too. I got a BSOD for the first time ever, and when I restarted, a bunch of keys no longer worked, so keyboard number 2 is now in the trash as well.

    I picked up a cheap Microsoft kb&m bundle, which is working fine except for some weird random bouts of input lag on the keyboard accompanied by beeps when I click the mouse button. I haven't been able to find any useful info online about this latest horseshit, either, unfortunately.

    EDIT: The culprit seems to be the utterly useless "mouse and keyboard centre" which windows downloaded automatically so I could use the 0 features available on my barebones kb&m, as if "ease of access" wasn't enough to deal with.
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  6. I'm having the exact same problem. Its been going on for about a month. It even appears if I'm playing a fullscreen game with my controller. It pops up after a few minutes and just sits there until I move it, and as soon as I do it disappears only to return later. I have Windows 8. Did you ever figure this problem out?

  7. If it's the same problem I had, then your mouse is disconnecting and then reconnecting.
    If you have it plugged in to a hub or keyboard, try connecting it directly to the computer.
    If that doesn't help, try a different mouse.


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