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Thread: Guitar Hero 3 - 360 Guitar Controller

  1. Guitar Hero 3 - 360 Guitar Controller

    My OG Guitar Hero 3 Guitar is finally dead, and it is my favorite guitar to use because of the click strum. So I'm looking for one. That being said, if anybody knows of any other guitars that have the click strum, I'll just buy that.

    Let me know, kthx.

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    I have the Aerosmith set that I have no use for, if that has the guitar you want.

  3. Should be.

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    Excellent. Shoot me a PM with what you want to pay, trade, or whatever.

  5. Will do. I've been told a local place has a Band Hero set for $29. If they have that and it's all new in box for the same guitar I'll go that route.

    I'll let you know.

  6. Band hero comes with world tour guitar.

  7. Does that click? That's all I care about.

  8. yeah, but I found the guitar to be very uncomfortable. I prefer the Warriors of Rock guitar out of all of them, followed by GH3/Aerosmith.
    I mean, it's not bad as an extra guitar, but in my house, it always goes to someone else.

  9. Yeah, I have a wired RB guitar, but I really just prefer the clicky GH3 joint.

  10. Get the Squire and learn to play Man Guitar.


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