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Thread: Dreamcast, PSP, DS, PS2, Ipod Sale

  1. Dreamcast, PSP, DS, PS2, Ipod Sale

    Everything should be below ebay prices and most everything is well loved and taken care of.

    Dreamcast Stuff
    Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001 -- w/Capcom Taisen Fan Disc - 20
    Agetec Dreamcast Arcade stick - 60
    Ikaruga with spinecard - 65
    Shikigami no Shiro II with spinecare - 70
    Web Browser 2.0 + 3.0 offer
    Sonic Adventure - 2
    Zombie Revenge - 2

    DS Lite White System with with Charger 60
    Ipod 5g 64gb black 200

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GH) 5
    Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core 15
    The King of Fighters XI 5
    Odin Sphere (black label) 15
    Ring of Red - 20
    Castle of Shikigami 2 - 10
    Hori Real Arcade Pro Stick $100 plus shipping which will be expensive, comes with box/materials.

    Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (red label) 7
    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII 7
    Gradius Collection 10
    Guilty Gear Judgement 5
    Half-Minute Hero 5
    Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Plus
    Monster Hunter 2 Freedom 10
    Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? with preorder soundtrack 15
    R-Type: Command 8
    Sega Genesis Collection 10
    Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone 10
    Sony PSP 2000 model, disk drive is broken, umd switch fell out, but is hacked and works great for homebrew - offer has a dead pixel but isn't noticeable.

  2. Is that iPod still available?

  3. Helllllllooooooooooo?


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