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Thread: Armikrog. A Neverhood spiritual sequel. (PC, Mac, Wii U) (Out now!)

  1. Armikrog. A Neverhood spiritual sequel. (PC, Mac, Wii U) (Out now!)

    Doug Tennapel posted this:
    Through the years Neverhood fans have asked for another game, and I'm partnering with my EWJ and Neverhood buddies Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield to make a full sized, PC and Mac point and click adventure game in clay and puppet animation. New characters, but in my usual style. Terry Taylor is doing the music.
    He stops short of calling it a "Neverhood" title, but it clearly seems like that's the intent.

    The announcements over the last year or so have been unbelievable for adventure fans. This was like the only one left that could get me excited.
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    Darmonde just recently found my copy of the Neverhood in his house. It installed and played just fine on vista 64.

  3. Take all of my money now. Need this ASAP. Also get never hold on GOG already

    Mzo bring a copy of that to me at pax good sir
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    yeah I badly want to play the original.
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  5. Awesome. I love Doug TenNapel. I sold my copy of Skullmonkeys a long time ago. Kind of regret it. But I love his art style. Looking forward to this.

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    I have the .iso up on Dropbox~
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  7. Doug explains IP to a group of children:
    I'm reposting this for those who wonder why I can't make an official Neverhood game:

    I've explained this before, but I'll be very thorough now. Intellectual Property rights are no different than you owning and controlling your couch. Once you buy it, I can't come into your house and take a picture of it, then sell that picture to make money. You own it. So back in the day, we needed one point something million dollars to make the first Neverhood game, and publishers would pay you the money, but you HAD TO assign the character rights to the company. I did that with Earthworm Jim and Neverhood, so I own and control neither one of those characters or worlds. It was the price of admission to getting to do a game.

    So Dreamworks Interactive paid for the game to be made, and own the Neverhood characters (I own the name Neverhood, but can't make a project that represents itself as that game). Dreamworks Interactive was sold to EA. We've tried for years to work out a deal with EA, but it never made sense to them to do it for a number of reasons. They never fully understood the fanbase for the game, but that's not my problem.

    But if I put Klaymen, or Ottoborg, or any other character from the Neverhood in this new game, even in the tiniest way, I've effectively used EA's "couch" without their permission. They have the right to THEIR intellectual property and could instantly cease every asset of the game and demand it not be sold. It would tangle the game up in a way that would be stupid to even try.

    I want to note that EA is not being bad in protecting their property, and they have no obligation to make an iPHone port or to let me use the character... I sold them the couch after all when I assigned the character rights to Dreamworks Interactive. If it was up to me, I'd make 800 Neverhood sequels the same way that I would make 800 new Earthworm Jim games. It's not my decision, and it's not my place. It's MUCH easier (and frankly, funner) to create something new!
    So I guess no Neverhood name or characters. Which isn't very important to me. Franlkly, I wouldn't have expected another story about Klaymen anyway, although some connection to the mythos might have been nice.

    At least now we know who to pester for a GOG release.
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  8. I still have my boxed copy of The Neverhood. I love that game, and Skullmonkeys, and claymation in general, so I'm lookng forward to this new game.

  9. Someone get on a new Clay Fighters.

  10. Better than a new Boombots. What was Doug thinking?


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