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Thread: Final Fantasy XV (PS4, Xbone, Windows, Fuck You Yoshi Edition)

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    Final Fantasy XV (PS4, Xbone, Windows, Fuck You Yoshi Edition)

    I couldn't find a Final Fantasy Versus XIII thread, so here goes:

    Quote Originally Posted by VGLeaks
    Square-Enix has had problems in the current gen, I suspect that the company couldnít adapt Final Fantasy and other IPs to the HD era. Moreover, the first version of FF14 was a downfall, this game forced to stop the development of other games to focus in the rebuild of FF14. Really itís like a new game.

    Square-Enix announced Final Fantasy Versus XIII years ago and the game was lost in the limbo. Square decided to halt Versus PS3 development two years ago, but the RPG wasnít cancelled, why? Two years ago, Square-Enix moved the game to PS4 and Sony got in the project.

    Actually Sony is co-developing the game with Square-Enix, therefore, this game will be exclusive on PS4.

    Square-Enix renamed Versus to FF15 in the middle of this process. Sonyís studios are helping SE with FF15 assets among other tasks.

    We hinted this PS4 exclusive one month ago, but we couldnít speak freely about this topic. Now, itís all that we can say.

    I don't know how reliable these guys are, but they've uncovered a lot of the new Xbox stuff too. Read the comments for extra comedic/entertainment value.
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  2. Boo

  3. We all knew there was a new PS exclusive FF coming soon, but interesting that it's based on one that was announced around the time the PS3 came out.

    This series is long off the rails though. I don't think I really care.

  4. This sounds like a cluster fuck.

    Square is just terrible now. They went the entire PS3 lifespan with one true FF and no console Kingdom Hearts. How does this happen?

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    The grace of God? I still contend the conglomerate should be renamed to Taito Eidos... Taidos?

  6. Not FFVII. Don't care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    Not FFVII.
    So it's not all bad news.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    The grace of God?
    You know how I know there is no God?

    Star Ocean has fallen to shit and Kingdom Hearts is only on portables.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    So it's not all bad news.
    You shut your whore mouth.

  10. Nier is the only Square game this gen that has interested me.


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