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Thread: AAA Wasteland

  1. AAA Wasteland

    Chris Heker, rather than give a verbal diatribe at the GDC's traditional Developer Rant panel, played this video.

    These people are saying what they need to in order to present their games as best possible, but the bullshitometer doesn't have a reading that high. I'm honestly not sure if these presenters are lying to us or to themselves.

    I'm not saying these games aren't fun, by the way. Maybe they are? But pretending they're anything other than disposable testosterone-fueled power fantasies that tread the same familiar ground is a bit much.

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  2. What game did he work on? Spore, right?

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  3. So he failed at trying something different. It doesn't make him wrong, it just means you're utterly terrible at getting the point.


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    The people that can barely make playable shit have the biggest fucking mouths.

    He can sit alongside Fish, Molyneaux and Lanning.
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  5. You do realize that, whether you liked Spore or not, it doesn't make the thing he said untrue, right? That he didn't even talk about it, just ran the video and let it speak for itself? Or do you write analysis for Fox News?


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    Using game footage shown at conferences and press events is like shooting fish in a barrel. Could you imagine somebody demonstrating Deus Ex's Liberty Island sequence on stage? "Okay, now we're going to sneak behind this guy for 40 seconds, hit him on the head, grab him and carry him to this corner. Oh, I see another guard coming, so I'm going to wait here for two minutes while he turns around and... hey, why are you all leaving?"

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    Was his point that people talk mad shit when unveiling a new system or showing it off on Jimmy Fallon?

    What a visionary genius.
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  8. how dare those developers try to sell their products

  9. The point isn't that you can't sell your stuff, just that you shouldn't look like a mouth-breathing retard while doing it. Pretending to be brilliant and unique while showing off the same old thing is ridiculous. I'm sure Bungie's new game will be very impressive, but it's an FPS seasoned with MMO. It's not "completely new" beyond being a new franchise. "Opening the door" didn't actually give any kind of "personal touch". Panta Rhei's game direction isn't "entirely new". Basically, lying on stage while a giant video in the background blatantly shows off how you're lying on stage isn't selling, it's just stupid.


  10. Who cares what they say in a sales pitch? It's a sales pitch. That's the point. Go watch some movie trailers. They're all the same. Every action movie has the same trailer. Every drama has the same trailer. Nobody looks at trailers and probes for deeper meanings and universal truth and honesty.


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