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Thread: Vintage Video Game Magazines

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    Nick's stuff has shipped. SSJN's will tomorrow. Melf has some stuff on hold. I'm working on getting back to Timber now.

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    The original post has been updated and cross posted now, so if anyone still wants something, act fast.

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    I'm looking for $50 domestic priority shipped for the remaining lot of almost 30 issues. As you can imagine, half of that is the shipping.

  4. Opa Walking

    Aww yiss, my kinda thread! but i missed out on Gamefan, Mega Play, Visions & others, noooooo

    OP i might be interested in your EGM2's and some of the '92 Gamepros, just gotta check to see what ive got about!

    Quote Originally Posted by GohanX View Post
    Are any of those Game Players from the period where they went insane and turned it into Mad magazine for games? Those were great.
    oh man i think that was Donahue's era of Ultra Game Players, where the letter column could be about armies of undead lizard warriors or god knows love to see those again as well, shit was crazy.


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