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Thread: Reliable Flash Media: Does it exist?

  1. Reliable Flash Media: Does it exist?

    I sure as hell don't think so.

    First off, if you're trying to recover data, try this:

    My Samsung microSD failed in my Galaxy Note 2. This is the second card I've had fail on me in three years across two phones. I've had a few SDs fail on other devices, too. Also, let's not forget console memory cards!

    Now after recovering all I could from this microSD, I'm left with a card that I REALLY don't want to use. I'll bet it's still usable, but would YOU really trust it? The fault could have even been the device! I've got a STACK of cards like this: something corrupted once for unknown reasons and banished to purgatory. Paranoia is bred from the situation and the cycle continues.

    So I ask you guys this: Does there exist a premium brand or level of any given flash media or is it all destined to fail within a year or so? What should I do with all of these busted cards? They are too small to be coasters!

    Dang. In my haste I seem to have posted this outside of Circuit Board. Feel free to move, mods!

  2. I've never had any trouble with any card ever.

  3. it varies by class and manufacturer, some is complete garbage but some will live for years and years

    I have a 2gb kingston microsd class 4 that's been actively in-use since probably 2007 or 8 (right now it holds a few hundred photos for a digital frame), and come to think of it I think the exact same model of microsd is in my phone too and that hasn't let me down in the year and a half I've had that; on the other hand I have an ancient kodak cf card that is now unreadable by any card reader and a shitty ol' 256mb sd card that's probably also fallen to corruption out of years of non-use as I had my benq 360 firmware stored on it for when I needed to do cfw updates

  4. Rebecca has had the same Kingston fucker in her camera for at least 6 years.

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    Cloud storage is nice. I've only ever had one jump drive die on me in so many years, as opposed to three really memorable hard drive crashes.
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  6. Cloud storage saved me here. Google+ Instant Upload has most of my photos and videos plopped in my account.

    Also, fun fact: most of what I thought was stored on my card is ACTUALLY stored on my phone. Samsung seems to consider on phone storage as an "internal SD."

    It also explains why there's so little room left on my phone. Design flaw much?

  7. That's android.

  8. You don't really know what you're doing—got it.
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