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Thread: Space Opera and/or Space Pirate Recommedations

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    Space Opera and/or Space Pirate Recommedations

    Mrs. Yoshi is looking for some recommendations on good space operas and/or books about space pirates or mercenaries. Thanks on advance for any suggestions.

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    I'm paying attention, I haven't read a good space series in ages.

  3. I've been looking for the same! The market for epic, space fantasy doesn't seem to be as lucrative as fantasy-fantasy at the moment, I guess.

    Yoshi, recommend to her this Japancartoon: Tytania. It's full of grand scale, politics, complex character relationships and beautiful, beautiful men.

  4. Have not read these myself, but I have heard decent-to-good things about the Ringworld series and the Culture series.

    One of my roommates tends to read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy, I'll see if I can get some recommendations when I see him next.

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    Thanks, Mech.

  6. Spoke with my roommate: He said Ringworld was only good if you're into more "pure" sci-fi, as the characters were rather weak but the science was great. Aside from that he said he hasn't read any in a long time so he can't recommend anything that isn't colored by nostalgia, so your best bet is to either poke around the list of Hugo winners and see if anything's good or hop on reddit for threads like this.

  7. Simon R Green's Deathstalker series. One of the best space operas.
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    Thanks, M, and again, Mech.

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