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Thread: Portfolios and Portfolio Sites: The tricky topics

  1. Portfolios and Portfolio Sites: The tricky topics

    I'm looking to update my graphic design portfolio site something fierce. You can find it linked in my signature, if you're curious. It'll be fixed up nice over the next couple of weeks and fully redesigned in the month following. I'm excited to have the motivation to do so! What's motivating me to do so is terrifying, though and I'd rather not bring it up here!

    The issue I'm having at the moment is not with the site itself, but the content. What's there now is all college work and internship whatnot. I have a LOT of work I did for a big, entertainment company in terms of email and whatnot. Unfortunately, they are a client of my employer and I'm not all too sure of what I'd be able to show! Even more complex are the pieces that involve motion picture and television launches and such. The client has the rights to use the images in their advertisements, but I can't say I have the right to show the email in my portolio digitally or otherwise. I don't want to upset anybody!

    I know a few of you have been creatives for a great many more years than I. Does anybody have experience addressing red tape and questionable content like this?

  2. I've always gone by if it's out there and the general public can see it, then you can use it in your portfolio. A few years back Geico told the folks I did regular freelance with that they couldn't give out any copies to the artists of Geico Gecko commercials we did. Though they put them all up on their Youtube channel. So everyone just grabbed it from Youtube and threw it up on their reels. No one got in trouble for it, and eventually Geico realized how stupid their mandate was.
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  3. Yeah, as long as it is out there it should be fine. Just make sure you state somewhere that all content is owned by the copyright owners and blah blah blah. Really, you using an image or video in a portfolio isn't worth the time or lawyer fees for a large corporation to pursue. As long as you aren't flagrantly violating copyright and getting a million hits with their content you should be fine.

  4. I put all of my stuff in there. I wait until it's public, though.
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  5. If the contract doesn't specifically state that you can't show it, then you should be fine. However, give credit where credit is due (DILIGENTLY), and wait until after the project is already out in public.
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  6. Has anybody ever had experience displaying animated GIFs during a job interview? I've got a great gallery app on my little Nexus 7 that shows everything just fine, but I just can't find anything that will play GIF animation on my iPad with it's far larger screen.

  7. You talked about a portfolio site in your original post. Why not use that? A regular old browser should work great, and that way the site itself can almost be like another portfolio piece (one that may not be relevant to the job, but can still showcase design sense.)
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  8. I just used Squarespace and modified a template. It's not entirely my design. Squarespace does have a nice app that'll take your site's galleries and save them locally on the iPad for display. Again, though, it won't play animated GIFs.

    Wi-fi is the real concern here.

  9. Download your stuff to an album on the iPad. No wifi? just use that. They'll probably be impressed you were that on your shit

  10. Portfolios and Portfolio Sites: The tricky topics

    Don't rely on wifi or the internet ever if you're interviewing in person. If their internet doesn't work they're not going to be the ones left holding the bag.
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