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Thread: Why has searching been disabled?

  1. Why has searching been disabled?

    So how come when I hit new posts now it says searching has been disabled?
    Where I play
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  2. Check FC.

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    Thanks Obama.

  4. Some database unfunny funniness has intruded on our paradise. That's about all I know about it at the moment. Search will be back later today.

  5. I can't browse TNL without the new posts button. Fix this now
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    So that's one pro of not being able to search.
    (I feel like an animal, having to go through each forum one by one.)

  7. The problem has to with server settings/programs, I believe. TNL is blocked at work for the most part, and this is not something that can be adequately addressed on my phone browser, so it may be several more hours.

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    It works again. Thanks Nick or cka! (not Obama)

  9. Thank god it's fixed.

    This board is a mess to navigate btw


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