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Thread: Which of These HTML Authoring Tools is Best?

  1. Which of These HTML Authoring Tools is Best?

    One of my projects is going to necessitate building a little site. The prof has told us to use Nvu, KompoZer, or BlueGriffon.
    Anyone familiar with any/all of them? Know which of the three is bestest?

  2. I prefer phpStorm personally. Though it does cost money. (Also has 30-day free trial.)

    **EDIT I should mention though that phpStorm is not a WYSIWYG editor, it's designed for those who are comfortable writing HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. If you don't need to do any PHP work they also make a version only for HTML/CSS/JS called webStorm. (I have not used webStorm but I understand its just like phpStorm sans PHP.)
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  3. Last time I designed a web page I used some free WYSIWYG PHP editor I found on CNET (I also used it to learn PHP). IT worked fine.

  4. bluegriffon is ok for that, with the added benefit of being free

    had to find something for my boss to replace front page and that was the closest thing out there

    e: if you want something a little more web 2.0 startup and can wrap your mind around how html works, you could always throw something together with a html5 framework that makes layouts bullshit easy like twitter bootstrap
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