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Thread: Marvel Movies: Phase 3 and Beyond

  1. Just Best Picture is all.
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  2. Finally got around to seeing Captain Marvel. The Skrull stuff was pretty cool. The ties to Avengers was neat. Brie Larsonís smart mouth Captain Marvel was fun. Actually a lot of the supporting characters like Rambeau, Talos, and Goose were great.

    I wish they had done something about more creative with her presentation though. Anything unique came from the 90s vibe (which I enjoyed) and not something creative about portraying her. Like in Antman they had the fish-eye cam work for when he was discovering his powers. They had Antony. And they had Michael PeŮas verbal ADD to detail crimes (and in #2 that had the Quantum Realm stuff).

    I enjoyed seeing old faces though. Coulson is so much better when heís the subtle dorky comedic or moral compass in a scene. Ronanís cameo was pretty great too.

    Better than Captain America. Maybe Thor 1 level.

  3. OK. Just got out of Endgame. Not gonna say much about it. But holy shit they spent some cash.

  4. I saw it last night.

    The Endgame
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  5. Endgame. Wow. Unbelievable they made it all work.

  6. Yeah, Endgame did a great job of bringing all that shit to a finale and making it all feel relevant. They pulled it off.

    Some minor plot holes, especially at the end when it completely breaks its own time travel rules. The whole thing was predicated on the theory that changes to the past created new timelines but couldn't change the existing timeline everyone is in, but Old Steve Rogers at the end totally breaks that. They could have had him go back and live a life in another timeline and that's just fine, but he wouldn't loop back into theirs, they would never know what happened to him. That really bugged me.

    But you, know, stupid comic book movie so whatever.

  7. The only problem I had with Old Cap was where did he get the shield? His was all but destroyed by Thanos. He didn't have it when he left. Frankly I think there needs to be a movie about how he returned everything and got that new shield.

  8. Loved it despite some weak points. It was great hearing the audience reactions. Kinda makes me wish Disney lost custody of Marvel after the credits rolled and couldn’t kill the high it left on.

  9. I don't know how they did it but End Game is amazing. The last battle is kinda meh, but I am okay with the generic fodders this time.

  10. Good luck to whoever does the next giant team up movie. They honestly shouldnít bother after this. Sooo much from the whole Mcu was put into this.

    I wonder how many people are going to use this as a stopping point.
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