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    So I finally got the DVD yesterday and watched it last night. I'm very happy I got it. This is one of the best Miike movies I've seen (note:I haven't seen Visitor Q, Dead or Alive or DoA2...yet). It has a great ending. I heard many people walked out of the movie when it got to the end but I really don't see the problem. I mean it's fucked up but I've seen much worse. At least 90% of the people walked out of Teenage Hooker Turned Killing Machine in Daihakro when I was there (and that was only an hour long...aka 50 mins too long). There are some great effects in Audition that I won't spoil for anyone. The story is great and so are the actors and especially the main actress. Note that this is not a normal Miike movie. Usually his movies are ultraviolent throughout (FUDOH!!!) but this has a rather normal story in the beginning and then leads to the fucked up bits. All in all it was a great movie. I just hope no hot shot director will try to cash in on the name of this movie by doing some sort of sequel or prequel to Audition. Now I have to find Tell Me Something. Oh and I got The Seventh Curse from ebay. When I get it maybe I'll give some impressions. The director of it also did Riki-Oh.

    Later all...

  2. Well, I still yet to see Audiotion. I never picked up HK release of it, and didnt have time to rent us version. I also heard all these stories about people walking out from it showing, not being able to handle the stuff happening at the end.

    I am a fan Takeshi Miike films. DOA 1&2 and Hazzard City were great, cool films. I liked Fudoh as well. His films have great visual style, temp and sometimes go into complete overdrive like in the beginning and end of DOA.

    I cant wait to get Icho the Killer, when it released in Japan later this month. Its one crazy film and cant be missed. HK dvd of it is very cut though , it missing about 13 minutes of footage.

    Also I look forward seeing DOA3-Final and The Agitator, which are also pretty good, from what reviews I read.

    About 7th Curse, I liked it as well. Its a pretty fun horror/adventure film. Lots of gore and action, some nudity, and Chow Yun Fat as Wisely shooting monsters with bazooka !!!!

  3. I've read about Miike's films at AICN and Kung Fu Cult Cinema, and I really want to see them. KFC said that Ichi and another one of his films will be released on dvd this year in Region 1. DOA is supposed to come out on dvd sometime this year (the trailer is on the Metropolis dvd). Anyways, which of his movies should I see first?
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  4. Eh. Don't know. Whatever you can get your hands on I guess. Though I wouldn't see City of the Lost Souls (aka Hazard City) first. It's not a typical movie of his imo (but the matrix-like cock fight is funny as hell). Not that it's a bad movie but it's different. Maybe try to see Fudoh (just know the US DVD is as bare-bones as you can get...not even a main menu). That is funny as hell. Just know there are more than a few messed up scenes which I will describe if you want me to (but I won't give away the bigger secrets of the movie). That scene in the car with the coffee is great. You know what I'm talking about if you've seen it. DoA/DoA2 are both supposed to be ultraviolent and ultra sick. Visitor Q is touted as being just plain fucked up. Read a review of it. I can say that you won't be disappointed if Audition is your first Miike movie. Ichi the Killer is supposed to be awesome. I want to get it asap.

    Later all...

  5. Well, I would say go with Hazzard City(City of Lost Souls), Audition or Fudoh first. City is available as HK Region 0 dvd, quality is ok, but its a flipper disk Still you can get it for a cheap price. The film is pretty good, love story, action, triad/yakuza triller, story about minorities in Japan combined into one package.

    Visitor Q is another weird project of Miike, to story of one truly disfunctional family, that combines humor, house abuze, milking, necrophilia and unique way of being shot on video. There is German dvd of it, and bunch of vhs available on Ebay, so it shoundnt be hard to find.

    Green, Cool to see you visit KFC site Its a pretty cool place to get both info, and learn about news, and new movies. Plus I usually lurk at their forums as well


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