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Thread: Windy Sleeves: Inexpensive protection for your MVS carts

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    Windy Sleeves: Inexpensive protection for your MVS carts

    I'm pimping these for my homie on Frankly, I'm trying to help him get enough preorders to make this thing happen. These could be a nice, inexpensive alternative to shockboxes. The original thread is here.

    Here is his post:

    I have designed a line of low cost sleeves that will take up minimal shelf real estate and cost very little to ship. I have designed a whole line to cover all carts of all makes, models, and brands. There will be custom labeling available for free download from my website as well.

    Now is my home turf now so naturally my first two cases in the line will be neo related.

    This is the MVS box:

    and now for something different-

    Kits are made out of some expensive cardboard. There is no protection for them out there that I have seen either. Well, I made some.

    Same exact design except now as an overbox for kitboxes as well. The purpose of the design is to prevent shelfwear. Custom Labeling will be available as well for the spines if you want to add some color to that collection of kits as well.

    They fold flat for shipping as well.

    They are made in the USA out of recycled and acid free cardboard. These were custom built and designed for MVS carts.

    I am holding a preorder for these here at NG.Com first. Not on my website or on the FB page.

    But how much does it cost you say?

    MVS- $3.00 each
    KIT- $3.50 each

    MVS version $50 shipped special- 20 boxes for $50 shipped in the USA! (Thanks shadowkn).

    Plus the actual cost of shipping.

    There is also a price break for multiple pieces. For every 5 you purchase you will get one free during the preorder. That price break will change after the preorder.

    My NG message box will not be able to handle inquires I may get. I have a special email address for this if you folks have any questions and/or want to preorder these boxes.

    I plan on running the preorder for a month and shipping shortly after that. I will continue to make sleeves for other carts that are out there that will match these as well.

    Thanks for any interest y'all have!
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  2. thanks man.

    so uh- im gohans 'homie'.

    I run a small webshop at . This is my first original product. the plan is if this proves viable i will make matching boxes for all loose carts. custom fit and low cost for each brand, make and model.

    any questions- fire away!

  3. Windy Gaming!

    Good guy, he was set up sorta across from me at the Midwest Gaming Classic this year.
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    Windy Gaming!

    Good guy, he was set up sorta across from me at the Midwest Gaming Classic this year.
    thanks. yeah it was a surprise table. someone bailed and i was asked to take the spot on zero notice (not that im complaining ). that was a great time too.

    where were you again, man?
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