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Thread: Agents of SHIELD

  1. Agents of SHIELD

    OK since this is now a thing, I figured it was time for a thread.

    Here is the full trailer for the show.

    And here's that teaser again.

  2. So Coulson lamely survives, and is also suddenly a bad-ass instead of a nerd. Okay.

  3. Did you watch any of the special Marvel One Shots on the various DVDs? Coulson was both nerd AND badass.

  4. Guess I missed the movies he comes across as a dork, especially in The Avengers.

    Are those one-shots worth tracking down?

  5. This last one is only a clip until i find the whole thing. Doesn't actually have Coulson, its on the Avengers DVD

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    Are they using comic characters in the shorts, or are they just one-off people?
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  7. I'm not a big enough SHIELD fan to know, but Stark and General Ross are in one.

  8. considering its joss whedon I look forward to all ten episodes

  9. But it's not Joss Whedon on FOX.
    We'll get 15.

  10. Is that Luke Cage in the long trailer?
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