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Thread: Monster Hunter 4 (3DS)

  1. Monster Hunter 4 (3DS)

    Surprised there wasn't a thread for this. Anywhoo, trailers and info:

    New stuff: Elevation differences in combat. Jump attacks. Watch the trailers. You'll get it.

    2 new weapons. Insect staff and Charge Axe. Insect Staff is a glaive with a blade on one end and a bug whistle thing on the other. Mark an enemy with a ranged shot and command your pet insect to suck up "extract" from the location marked. Depending on where you marked the monster, you can then get a buff by calling back your insect. Movement, defense, attack up, etc. The attack up buff give access to new moves. Can jump without need of elevation changes by pole-vaulting. Charge Axe is Switch Axe's sister weapon, like Gunlance/Lance, SnS/DB, GS/LS, etc. Sword and shield mode and axe mode. Build up a meter in SnS mode and consume it in axe mode. Axe mode can do a special attack that can KO.

    "Riding" status effect and mini-game: Jump attacks (including the insect staff vault followup and the new lance jump attack that can be done while performing its charge move) build up a status effect that will institute a riding mini-game. Like other status effects in monster hunter, as they activate on the monster the monster builds up resistance to it, making it more diffictul to inflict the same status again. During the minigame a chomping monster icon and a bar show up on the screen. Hold down the button while the monster is thrashing/roaring. Mash the button when it's not to stab it with your carving knife and fill up the bar. Successfully fill up the bar to put the monster in a defenseless state.

    The returning weapons are of course getting some changes in addition to normal jumping attacks. Just some from the top of my head: Hunting Horn gets a sound attack that produces two notes, Lance gets the jump attack while charging and a turn-around attack. Switch Axe gets a quick double cut in sword mode and a big centrifugal overhead swing in axe mode (after the stamina depleting chops) SnS gets a charge-up attack, a back-hop, and a vertical jumping slice that can be done when stepping up onto a higher elevation.

    JP release date: September 14th. Game includes online play and JP doesn't even have to pay for it this time.
    4G announced. Release date: Fall 2014 for JP.
    2015 for worldwide as Ultimate.
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  2. Absolutely day 1.

    Um, when exactly is day 1?

  3. For JP? "Summer".
    For NA? Lol, Svensson.

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    its looking pretty well that MH4 will come here. they are apparently surprised at how well mh3u did, and are doing a global marketing push for 4. i personally cant fucking wait. the charge axe, the bug staff, and the mix of new and old monsters gets me hard. Whenever day 1 is. ill be ther at midnight.

  5. ctrl+f online
    Phrase not found

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    It was confirmed to have online play for 3ds. People were pissed because they said they couldn't get it to work with 3U while simultaneously saying 4 would have it.

    sorry for the site, I just googled and picked the first one I saw.
    John / JohnNiner / Niner

  7. That'll do, pig.
    That'll do.

  8. I am about to hit G Rank on 3 Ultimate, so if it takes about a year for this to come stateside, that'll probably be the right amount of time for me to start over on mon hunning.

    That said, MH3U is probably the most Japanese game I've played in years.

  9. Updated OP with new trailer and JP release date. Also, Capcom is holding an event this weekend where they'll be showing a demo for charge axe.
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  10. Tribal tattoo and furry love 3DS limited editions incoming.


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