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Thread: Steven Universe- Rebecca Sugar's show (rama is storyboarding!)

  1. Steven Universe- Rebecca Sugar's show (rama is storyboarding!)

    This video will probably get taken down. Even the official was taken down. I'll try to find it again if it is, but GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW SO YOU DON'T MISS IT.

    This will be really good. Rebecca Sugar was one of the best writers behind Adventure Time, IF NOT THE BEST, but that might be me being biased because her last name is "Sugar". This is her own show. Her own comics are pretty amazing too.

    Don't Cry for Me I'm Already Dead

    Pug Davis

    There's at least one animated short floating around. Anyway, Rebecca Sugar is pretty dang amazing. Also rama is working on this. And it'll be so good.

    Much better than anything else. Ever.
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  2. Approved.

  3. I watched it.
    I smiled throughout.

    I will have to dig out my fart girl collections.

  4. He didn't actually work on that episode, but he's working on the actual show.

    He did the character designs on a Cartoon Network show called "Lakewood Plaza Turbo" that isn't on Youtube, but i'll put that up too if it goes back up. Both are fantastic.

  5. Steven's expression when he goes back to deliver the "jokes" line is amazing.

    I like this a lot.

  6. i don't know why Cartoon Network keeps taking this down.

    cartoons should be free. let them fly, especially if it's good advertisement for your new show that i'll buy on iTunes because fuck cable.


    i am going to season pass it on iTunes because
    Quote Originally Posted by chao
    (i actually have cable but never watch it because it's so stupid.)

  8. Definitely a different look for a few of the characters.

    Seeing as the original got pulled, here's a few minutes of it I found for comparison.


  9. Yeah, i did kind of like the old look better, but i keep reading that they're all redesigned by Rebecca Sugar and it's not a compromise or anything. they're still really dang cool

    and the opening is beautiful and i cannot wait

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