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Thread: Editing Older Original Posts

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    Editing Older Original Posts

    Is there a fix that can be implemented to allow the editing of the original posts of older threads? There have been several instances where it would be nice to edit the title of a thread, but after some indeterminate amount of time, the original poster can no longer do that. Only the "reply" and "reply with quote" buttons remain.

    edit: The most recent one I've noticed is this one:

    edit2: Another one:

    edit3: Another, which locked recently:
    Last edited by Yoshi; 28 May 2013 at 01:28 PM.

  2. I don't really want to get rid of that lock. I can rename those for you if you'd like.

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    Ugh. It happens on a fairly regular basis. Those three I discovered today alone because of wanting to edit due to new news. What is the purpose of the lock? Can you create a user group that can edit them after X years or X,000 posts or something?

  4. Changing the title of the thread simultaneously changes the URL. That doesn't really break anything in this case, so I guess I could be talked into changing the rule.

    Maybe the next time I upgrade the boards.

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    Thanks, Nick.


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