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Thread: Connecting.../Database Error so much!

  1. Connecting.../Database Error so much!

    For the last few days, about half of the threads I visit either time out or just go to the TNL Database Error page.
    If I stop and refresh the page, it usually loads without any problem.
    I'm running the latest Firefox on Windows 8.

  2. The server load is higher than usual. Is anyone else experiencing these problems?

  3. it'll happen during high traffic on any site on here because mysql runs out of address space for new connections therefore "The database has encountered a problem"

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    Omg... teh Database RETURNS!

  5. Seems better today. I don't understand why it was struggling in the dead of night when nobody was on, though.

  6. not on the forums, but there's also the main site and probably close to a dozen more hosted on the server so it may have come from one of those

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    There's a main site?

  8. Five posts per page should fix it.

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  9. Can we has three?
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